To start, i am not a Dwarf player, i've never really liked them and have always viewed them as an army where you just sit there and blow apart whatever tries to get you. Pretty boring I find, and rather annoying aswell. However, the other day me and my mate swapped our armies and played against one another. I used his dwarf army and he used my Khorne Cavalry army. He has never managed to beat my Khorne and so he was feeling lucky because he thought it was gonna be the first time he has ever beaten me...ever(thats atleast 100 games both in 40k and fantasy).

Anyway, my Chaos army has 4 units of 5 knights, 1 of them chosen, 1 unit of 10 fleshhounds and a lord mounted on a dragon. He has 2 bolt throwers, 2 organ guns, 1 unit of thunderers(16 in total i think), a full squad of longbeards, a full squad of warriors and the anvil(with the special characters on it). Usually he'll hit the anvil and try to slow down my units down and when they are using their reduced movement, he'll just try to take them down by shooting at them. I dont think he has ever managed to get a charge on me from using this tactic.

Right, now onto the main point. I had a quick browse through the anvil rules and noticed the extra movement one that allows an extra move in the shooting phase that can act like a charge. I thought right, thats what my tactics are going to be based around. So he advanced expecting to be in combat the next round, unluckily for him i got in combat first round. I had my unit of longbeards tear forward and massacre a unit of chaos knights. That was the story for the rest of the game. He couldnt defeat any of my units in the first round of combat so while everything of his was tied in combat, i just hit the anvil and charged. Anything that was out of combat received some bolts in the face or masses of metal flying at them.

So to conclude, do not be afraid to move forward towards the enemy because it can be very effective.