Me and my mate are having a battle this Sat 10th I used my dark elf army last week. This time i want to use my Dwarves. he has the green skins.

I have got 2x the BFSP Dwarf set so
2x Thane
2x Dragon Slayer
20 Thunderers
24 Warriors
16 Minors
2 Canons

Shall i get any more units?

Also I havenít got a lot of knowledge of the Dwarves so please can someone give me pointers of how to deploy them, we are playing on a FLAT Big table. Or any advice really on them, Like runes (if I can use them as I donít know), where to deploy minors IF they come up from the ground as I deployed them really stupidly last time and they got nuked!
Also hwere do I put thane as he was on his lonesome so was Dragon Slayer!