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Thread: Dwarf Tactica

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    Dwarf Tactica

    Well didn't pique up any interest in the other forum... so it's back here


    Welcome to my Dwarf Guide! Below you can see my musings and experience of using Dwarfs, the different units, runes, tactics, and more! All praise and constructive criticism appreciated . If you spend your time reading all of this, you are a true Dwarf - thankyou! So without further ado, here is the complete guide.


    High leadership of 9 and weapon skill and toughness of 4, and very useful extra two dispel dice sums up the good sides of the Dwarfs, and also they hate Gobbos, another bonus but is pacific.

    Though there are always disadvantages - you only pursue and flee 2D6-1" and have a movement of 3, which means you can't run away. The lack of cavalry and other fast troops is also disturbing, but by fielding Gyrocopters or perhaps Dogs of War cavalry, these problems can be overcome. Dwarfs also cost a lot of pts compared to most armies.



    These should be used in Dwarf armies of 2000pts or more (that is as soon as they become available), otherwise take several thanes. They are rock solid, with LD10, a nasty statline, and the option to take some very potent runes. As you are spending a lot of pts on the lord already it is easy to over-equip the lord, though any worthy opponent will fear the unit you put the lord in. I would recommend taking a big unit of hammerers for your lord to go in, giving the hammerers their special rules. Good runes include Rune of Might if fighting strong enemies, Master Rune of Swiftness to strike down many opponents first, Rune of Fury, IMO the best weapon rune (I think every Dwarf hero should have at least 1), and some good armour runes, you know the lot. I strongly advise you to take a Master Rune of Spite, only 45pts and basically, though not exactly, double wounds! Shieldbearers give him a good AS and a few extra attacks, and an Oathstone is great for holding up a flank which is in trouble. Both are good choices.

    Look at my Runes Guide below for help on using runes.


    Much like a lord, but he is the general choice you will be taking in smaller armies. Very much the same as the Lord except scaled down in stats. I suggest you put him in your best and biggest unit, and take smaller runes such as the Rune of Fury, Rune of Stone etc. which will really boost him up in a small game.


    Many people think him essential, some think he is pointless, it is down to you to choose to include one or not. The only runes I would consider are the Master Runes of Valaya and Strollaz's Rune. Undead and other strong magic-users will hate you if you take Valaya - it is a rarely-seen alternative to Runesmiths. In an aggressive army, Strollaz's Rune is essential. I guess they are both specialised, I would not take the Rune of Valaya in a normal army, I would use it against Undead, or High Elves perhaps. The main problem is keeping the BSB safe, he makes a juicy target for your opponent, to soften his unit up in shooting then swarm in CC. You could hide him in the back of a unit, or try something else similar. You could do the usual heavy armour runes equipping, taking his AS very low, but I think this kind of defeats the idea of having the BSB at all, you're spending too many pts on him.


    Runesmiths are very important in battles 1500pts upwards (4 dispel dice, I think, is enough for lower than that, unless you need a lot of DD against magic-heavy armies). They give you an extra dispel dice and Runes of Spellbreaking, which you should always take with them. That's all there is to say, they are very important.

    Always do not take a runelord unless you are giving him an Anvil of Doom - a normal Dwarf Lord is simply much more worth the pts. The Anvil is much better than before, and in large point battles you should take one. The Rune of Oath and Honour can let you run into an opponent when they least expect it, and Wrath and Ruin is great for destroying units in a strange way, especially against flyers which will be grounded.


    Very useful, I try to field at least 1 Master Engineer for every 2 war machines in my force. They greatly power up the war machines in their different ways, making them much more worth their points, and when it comes to fighting they can certainly hold their own and protect the war machine for just that bit longer. Great for stopping anti-war machine hunters. Plus you can entrench a war machine, making it much harder to shoot. Definitely a worthwhile choice for your Dwarf army.



    Basic Dwarf infantry, if you are not fielding at least 1 unit of them in every Dwarf force, there is something wrong with your list (unless they're upgraded to Longbeards). They have great stats for their pts cost, like all Dwarfs. You should either give them a shield+hand weapon combo, or a great weapon. 2 units with one of each is good, and you can direct the appropriate unit towards the appropriate enemy. All in all, they are your basic combat unit, though a unit or two of elites are nice in a large army as well. The only weaknesses of them are that they cost a lot of pts, generally, like all Dwarfs do, and the normal slow movement.


    Your basic Dwarf Elites, much like Dwarf Warriors but they can now be taken as a core choice, which means that you don't even need the warriors, but there is an annoying rule which means you must cannot have more Longbeard units than Warriors. They are more or less the same, apart from their upgraded stats which are always useful, and the Old Grumblers rule which can be useful, but since Dwarfs do not flee much anyway, it is only useful at rare moments - but when you can use it, it is great. I think that Longbeards are well worth it if you are prepared to pay the extra pts. Just be careful which enemies you fight, Longbeards can tear apart Men, but simply cannot win against Chaos Knights etc.


    2-handed warriors who are best used with a lord, with many elite stats and can be have a magic banner. They're not cheap, but with a great statline in a 2000pts battle they are a good investment. That's all there is to say really, they are just like Dwarf Warriors, though better with a lord. Then your opponent will have a nasty unit to fear.


    Again, like Dwarf Warriors except with some upgrades in the stats and a 2+ Armour Save. I repeat, a 2+ AS! Not many other units in Warhammer can best that, and they're infantry. As you can imagine these are best in an aggressive army and are very resistant. You can just move forward, shrugging off enemy fire. They're my personal favourite of the elites, just watch out for magic that ignores armour saves.


    Shooty unit of the Dwarfs. I would suggest not taking any additional equipment, since the cost of one paltry crossbowman will be soaring up each time you add one to a unit (the same for thunderers as well). You need quite a lot to be effective though, Dwarfs are OK at shooting, and the strength of the bolts they fire is OK, nevertheless there are not many low toughness units out there these days to pick on.


    Another shooting unit, but this one has less range and is more powerful - but they are quite expensive. If you want lower cost but troops that do less damage, go for Quarellers. If you like guns I would say that it is best to go one way or the other though, since unless you're taking a shooty army, in small games you'll only be taking small amounts of missile troops. 2x10 units of thunderers are often the most effective for me since they can deploy on small hills and then redeploy easily.


    They're quite different to normal Dwarfs, in that they do not deploy on the table. They come back, when you roll a certain roll for that turn, and the roll gets easier to roll as the game goes on. They are best at charging your opponent's units in the rear if they do not respond quick enoughm, or creating a distraction and making your opponent worry about them - so always take them in big units, 20-30 is about right. You could give your prospector a steam drill, if you fancy getting up from the ground earlier and getting a +3 Strength bonus, but this makes him nice missile fodder once he's on the game-table.


    These have many uses, including putting a welcome splash of colour into a dull Dwarf army! They are immune to psychology and unbreakable, meaning they can face undead and other fear/terror causer without a bother, and will not run away from combat (actually they're kinda like undead with these rules). They can either have +2 strength or +1 attack, making them nasty in CC, and their rule which means they wound anything on a 4+. What's not to like? Well, the major disadvantage of slayers is that they have no armour, they will die in troves when shot at or magic-missiled at, so get them stuck in early or risk losing all of them. I only take one Giant Slayer in a unit, since your enemy will shoot them down and then you will have wasted a lot of pts. But I always try and include a unit of slayers in my Dwarf army, they are the perfect flank anchors.


    Not many people use these scouts nowadays, I guess it's because they cost a lot of pts and they often get slaughtered straight away by tough enemy units. However, I think that in the right force, and a hero with them (you must use the Rune of Brotherhood to do this) rangers can be pretty effective. Sneak up on the enemy's flank with lots of rangers, and watch many of your other opponent's units turn to surround the rangers. I think they best serve as a distraction, like Miners, buying time for your shooters to destroy more opponents.



    Your standard war machine. Dwarf cannons have shorter range, weaker bite and higher point cost than their Empire counterparts. The bonus sides are the possibility to put runes to the cannon and a lot tougher crew. With luck they might be able to stand against harpies and other hunters that are far too common sight in the Dwarfish skies. The favorite rune is of course the Rune of Forging, and the cannon can be equipped with additional runes like Rune of Burning (if facing Wraiths - makes the cannonballs magical) or the Rune of Immolation, helping to protect your flank. I would suggest if you're going to take any, take two for reliability.


    Very useful in a tight spot and in small games, you should definitely give them a Rune of Penetration so it becomes a chariot-buster, getting very annoying for armies such as Tomb Kings which like chariots. The most reliable of the shooting war machines, and will hit quite easily. Just make sure you get the angle right, and with a Master Engineer, you'll really start liking the bolt thrower. Two in a 500pts game is certainly a good investment.


    My least favourite of the Dwarf War Machines, because it is inaccurate and unreliable. If you get lucky though, it can use huge gaping holes in opposing units, and it can get its points back threefold. But if you are not lucky, as demonstrated by me one game, the thrower misfires and destroys itself. It is very effective if you are an excellent guesser of distances , I must add. I prefer cannons over this, but if you are taking it, again take two if you're taking any, so you aren't disappointed when your one does not do anything. Rune of Accuracy is good on it.


    Unique to the Dwarfs, it is a devastating war machine at close range. I recommend putting it near the flank, to protect your other war machines. It is probably the best Dwarf war machine for its pts except perhaps the Goblin Hewer, IMO, but it can't be equipped with runes remember!


    Another machine that can't have runes, since its a Rare choice. Some people love the Flame Cannon, and others don't. It is actually quite reliable, and is always a lot of fun, making burning attacks. I don't use it personally, I take the Organ Gun, again I'd use it to protect your other war machines. Whether you like it or not is your choice.


    The least known of the war machines, since it's rules are in the Storm of Chaos book. Its axes are deadly, and it comes with Malakai, a Slayer hero who has a repeating rifle! It does not misfire, and does damage increasing by each of the targeted unit's flanks. The Hewer can take down war machine hunters with ease, if you have the rules and the model, use it. My favourite war machine, it always makes back its pts for me.


    Another one of my favourite war machines, and it is actually a fast Dwarf model! Great for taking down skirmishers, especially Lizardmen Skinks, and also good at pinning enemy units in place, ready for a charge from on of your strong units. Then hopefully your enemy will flee and the 3D6 move of the Gyrocopter will probably catch'em. Be careful with the Gyrocopter though, it's a very tactical thing that requires a lot of thought to use well.


    Very, very useful, mainly because you can have cavalry, and heavy cavalry too! I have not seen many people use DOW, probably because it's a Rare choice which means you can't have a precious Organ Gun, Flame Cannon or Gyrocopter, but if you need some cavalry, get it. Your problems include your cavalry
    running off ahead and dying before your Dwarfs can offer support. There are also some other useful DOW choices you could consider, but cavalry is the most worthwhile in a Dwarf force.



    One of the meanest characters in the game, he is a decent choice in a 3000+ pts army, if you are going to look after him and use him well. He is one of the toughest characters in Warhammer, he is almost indestructible with his huge amount of wounds, armour save and ward save. He's immune to fear and terror, and he is stubborn. He re-rolls missed hits in the first round of combat, will practically automatically wound which turns into D3 wounds, ignoring Armour Saves. And his thronebearers give him 4 extra attacks! All for 780pts - get him stuck into the enemy and he will turn them into mincemeat. A good army choice as I said if you are going to put him in the right place. Best inside 'Elite' Dwarf units.


    Many people think he is broken. For only 505pts, you get a Runelord who will strike runes on the Anvil with Ancient Power on only a 3+, with a re-roll and hardly any chance of miscasting it. He has a nasty statline and a rune hammer which does not allow AS, and if he manages to wound his opponent, they lose all of their armour and shield, usually taking away their AS (though that doesn't really matter because his weapon ignores AS and he will have killed most enemies so it doesn't matter if they've lost their armour). And he has a 1+ AS on his own. Don't take him if you want to keep your friends.


    A strange character that people like just because he drinks and makes the finest beer. He actually has great stats for his pts, and Bugman's Tankard is good for it's anti fear and terror rule, though the regaining wounds is not so good since it will only help heroes in the same unit. But... you have to field a unit of Rangers, expensive Longbeards ones! Which kinda makes Bugman not so excellent, since Rangers are not the best of Dwarf units as I have already discussed, and Longbeard ones are a lot of pts. Bugman is OK, but only in a specialised army.


    Covers the three basic Dwarf forces.


    A classic Dwarf tactic which involves a mix of shooting and CC troops. Batter the opponent as they advance across the field, forcing them to meet your tough CC troops who will finish off the tattered remains of them. Your opponent will try to get round the flank of the army, that is why it is called the Refused Flank. Your Slayers hold one side of the force where your Cannon and Grudgethrower is, and the Organ Gun protects the shooty Dwarfs on the other side for deployment. Then, in the game, when your enemies come forward, create a zone of death with your shooting units, which your CC units will then envelope and finish off. This tactic always works for me.

    Main Things to Consider: Master Engineer, Longbeards, Warriors, Thunderers, Quarrellers, Slayers, Cannon, Grudgethrower, Organ Gun


    All of your units just shoot, shoot and shoot! Hopefully you will have done a lot of damage to the army by the time it gets close, then your Gyrocopter will fly forward into your opponent (suicide!), just to pin them in place for a few more turns - Dragonslayers are good for this as well. Target Priority: First, shoot flyers and cavalry, since they will get to your lines first. Then get your opponent's war machines, which are a threat to yours. After that, target the weak ones for extra kills and so on. The Anvil of Doom is incredibly useful in this type of force, since you can use Wrath and Ruin for extra damage. Don't get carried away and do Ancient Power every turn, as it will soon blow up. Oath and Honour is also useful, to catch your enemy unawares with a sprinting unit of Rangers of a Dragonslayer run.

    Main Things to Consider: Anvil of Doom, Dragonslayer, Thunderers, Rangers, Cannon, Bolt Throwers, Grudgethrower, Gyrocopter, Flame Cannon


    You march forward and smash your opponent with hard CC troops. A very strong Lord is essential here (or Thane in smaller games), and a BSB with Strollaz's Rune is, even more, so you can engage your enemy that bit sooner. You want all the elites, your Lord in the Hammerers unit and an Organ Gun for protecting a flank (it can move forward with the force then start firing properly when you are close enough) and the Slayers for another, not being flanked is very important in this army, and it is easy for your opponent to do since they are marching towards you. The Gyrocopter is great for pursuing 3D6" after your army has broken your opponent, so try and keep it alive.

    Main Things to Consider: Heavily-equipped Lord, BSB with Strollaz's Rune, Longbeards, Warriors, Ironbreakers, Slayers, Hammerers, Gyrocopter, Organ Gun



    Master Rune of Skalf Blackhammer
    OK, this rune sounds really great but at it's high points cost it's probably not worth it. When you can have great weapon slayers that always hit on a 2+ anyway, spending 75pts on a lord with this isn't going to work very well. You can't have another master weapon rune either, so no extra great weapon runes! 4/10

    Master Rune of Smiting
    This is lethal but often unreliable. Pretty good taking out units though and does mass damage, at a high cost. 7/10

    Master Rune of Alaric the Mad
    When your lord has a high strength weapon you don't really need this rune. Try substituting Rune of Might vs. high toughness enemies. Only really too useful against high AS knights and the such and super lords with 4 toughness (otherwise use Rune of Might). Could come in useful when, as Wolf_Pack suggested, you're facing a high AS knight with low toughness. 6 slash 7/10

    Master Rune of Breaking
    A one trick pony here, if you're facing lords with excellent magic weapons... poof, they're gone. Otherwise, at 45pts it's useless. Only take it when your opponent spends more than about 70pts on magical weapons, and try everything to get into combat with them. Just make sure they don't run away, as 3 movement will not catch up! 6/10

    Master Rune of Flight
    One of my favourite runes - if only slayers could use it! It functions like a boomerang, your weapon flies and comes back again. When combined with some other good runes, fragile enemies will try to stay 12" away from you at all times. That's just about all there is to say about it. 8/10

    Rune of Might
    Toughness 5+ enemies will stay away at all costs - there is a chance that a Strength 10 weapon is coming their way, at only 25pts. Only recommended for these tough enemies though. 9/10

    Master Rune of Swiftness
    Another fantastic rune. Grab a slayer character with this and 2 Runes of Fury and opponents will try everything to stop him. Elves and the sort will particularly hate it, as the players become reliant on always striking first and desposing of you before you can hit back. 9/10

    Rune of Snorri Spangelhelm
    Quite a mouthful. You could just take another Rune of Fury at the same cost, they'll increase your chances of hitting as you have more attacks. Though a good combo is using a Rune of Fury and Snorri Spangelhelm together. 7 slash 8/10

    Rune of Fury
    This is great, at just 75pts your lord has 7 attacks. The best rune for slayers and the sort, and I think that almost every hero should have one of these. Cheap attack. 10/10

    Rune of Cleaving
    You can add one in sometimes if you have an extra rune slot, because it is quite cheap, gives you an easy Strength bonus. Good combo with the Rune of Flight. 7/10

    Master Rune of Kragg the Grim
    I cannot rate this weapon as it is mandatory for great weapon runes. You get back your +2 Strength, so you always need it for lords. Or your could just forget about it and not take any weapon runes, using Master Rune of Gromril instead.

    Grudge Rune
    Well, this rune if just plain weird. Secretly noting down things is a bit odd and when your enemy realises what you've done they're just going to run away. It's not a standard rune and I just don't like it - good combo with the Master Rune of Challenge though. 5/10

    Rune of Striking
    Decent when you have a slot and it takes your WS one step higher than that of your opponent's lords. 5/10

    Rune of Speed
    Decent when you have a slot and it takes your I one step higher than that of your opponent's lords, but then again Dwarfs don't have much I anyway. 5/10

    Rune of Fire
    When you don't know what army you're about to play, get this. At only 5pts you can slice and dice targets that regenerate like Treemen. It's also very useful against Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts, so against them, get this. That's about it - it's another one trick pony, so no rating here (invaluable vs. certain stuff but useless against others).


    Master Rune of Steel
    Yet another one-trick pony. If your opponent fields a greater daemon, you need this rune. It suddenly becomes Strength 5, equal to you if you have the Rune of Cleaving! Useful vs. opponents who love mega monsters. 7/10

    Rune of Fortitude
    I would't really take it, when you have a decent AS and you can get another thane for 15pts more, with 2 wounds. Actually, as I noticed that I now hate this rune. Don't get it, even though I'm sure some of you will disagree. 3/10

    Master Rune of Adamant
    Exactly the same thing as the Rune of Fortitude. Why waste 45pts for 1 extra T when for 20pts more you can actually get a thane? Total waste of points. 2/10

    Master Rune of Gromril
    That's more like it! A 1+ AS which is the maximum. No more Runes of Stone etc, just take this and forget about your armour (well, don't forget about the 1+ AS). A devastating combo that causes real damage is just a great weapon and Master Rune of Gromril, then you have a high strength weapon and 1+ AS without having to buy Master Rune of Kragg the Grim. Has to be the best Armour Rune. 10/10

    Rune of Shielding
    When I can have the Master Rune of Gromril, I don't usually take this rune, unless I'm taking on a super-shooty army. It's very good when defending a runelord on anvil, though, and could come in very useful here. 8/10

    Rune of Resistance
    Very good when you have an excellent armour save. Combined with the Master Rune of Gromril you have a re-rollable 1+ AS. Only recommended for survival characters though because when you have a decent armour save anyway making it re-rollable sometimes isn't worth it. 7/10

    Rune of Iron
    A 'watered-down' Master Rune of Spite. If you don't want to spend all 45pts use some of these. Most of the time though I'd go with the Master Rune of Spite. 7/10

    Rune of Preservation
    An absolute must have for those armies (ogres...) which will kill you lord in one wound. You do seriously need it, trust me, if you've spent so much pts on a lord you will want to keep him safe from annoying stuff which will take him down in one blow - it's a killer. 8/10

    Rune of Stone
    If you don't want the Master Rune of Gromril and have a lord with shieldbearers who needs one of these to get a 1+ AS, get it. For only 5pts you get a cheap upgrade - I almost always use this. As it is an exception to the rule of pride you can give it to anyone. My runesmith with shield now has a 1+ and so does the thane with shield. 9/10


    Master Rune of Valaya
    A great rune that prevents most magic; you can opt for it over runelords and runesmiths. You have got to keep your BSB safe from missile fire though (and you're a fool if you put it on a normal bearer), at 100pts. Try and keep it central so it can destroy most of your enemies spells. 8/10

    Master Rune of Stromni Redbeard
    This rune is actually pretty useless. With around 100pts you can have the likes of the Master Rune of Valaya and a Daemon slayer, with this you only get a +1 CR score. 3/10

    Master Rune of Fear
    One more one-trick pony. At 75pts you don't want to face high LD troops just to have them ignoring this. It's best against gobbos and skaven who will more than not run away from this banner. 6/10

    Strollaz's Rune
    Only use with marching Dwarf armies, who are not as successful as mixed ones anyway (from experience). Your enemy will be surprised at first as you lunge towards them. Plus you can move all your war machines for a better shot (except Gyrocopters). Keep your best unit in the middle though and watch those flanks! 8/10

    Master Rune of Grungni
    Used against those shooty armies... High Elves spring to mind. Only 2/3 of shots, after your excellent armour save, will get through. Make sure that you only use it on shooty armies though, otherwise it's a bit of a waste. 7/10

    Rune of Slowness
    I love this rune - it's saved me several times. It is very useful as it allows you to counter-charge the charger, something which Dwarfs don't get to do very much. Sometimes it can not work though, like when it subtracts only 1", and it becomes a waste of points, as the charged enemy rips your unit to shreds. 9/10

    Rune of Courage
    Very useful against Vampire Counts, Tomb Kings and any other heavily reliant fear/terror army, and if you do not know who you are about to fight, many players will try to intimidate you with fear, so take this rune in that case. 8/10

    Rune of Guarding
    If you've already invested all your points on something like the Master Rune of Valaya you'll want this. Keeps your thane safe. Or you could just have the Master Rune of Spite for 15pts more and get a 4+ Ward Save... depends what you like most. 7/10

    Rune of Battle
    Quite decent over the Master Rune of Stromni Redbeard. You get +1 CR to Dwarfs who usually lose it to hoard armies. But in the long run it's not going to be much use unless you use a large unit... 7/10

    Rune of Stoicism
    Same sort of effect as the Rune of Battle. 7/10

    Rune of Determination
    Great - you only have to use a single D6. The chances of breaking are minimal, with the Dwarf's high LD. My favourite combo is putting this on a unit of hammerers - they're pretty much unbreakable for a turn. Combined with a lord inside this unit you have a killing machine which does not run away for a turn. 8/10

    Rune of Sanctuary
    Only useful if you're facing armies with mega magic such as High Elves. Essential for a big tooled-up unit - ironbreakers spring to mind. It is just horrible losing such expensive fighters for a bit of pesky magic. 7/10

    Ancestor Rune
    Another combo - use it with the Rune of Determination and if you're lucky you have an unbreakable unit for 30pts. But then again just for one turn 30pts is a little steep, and there is half a chance that this rune will fail anyway. 5/10


    Master Rune of Kingship
    Well, this is another well thought out rune but much too expensive. When hammerers are stubborn and you can buy the Rune of Courage for 30pts, you have the same effect as the Master Rune of Kingship except a load of points cheaper. Thorgrim Grudgebearer has this rune built in so put him in a longbeard or ironbreaker regiment, hammerers already are stubborn. 4/10

    Master Rune of Balance
    I like this rune a lot, especially against High Elves (I talk about them a lot, because I play them the most). You have much more chance of dispelling a weakened mage. Much better than Master Rune of Spellbinding and Spelleater Rune. 9/10

    Master Rune of Spellbinding
    Only useful vs. heavy magic armies who will become unreliant on magic after you've shown them how this works. 6/10

    Spelleater Rune
    I'm not sure about this rune...half the time you use it you have wasted 25pts and the other half of the time the enemy mage has lost a spell (particularly devastating if they're level 1). Sounds unreliable to me, I'd go for 2 runes of spellbreaking instead. 6/10

    Master Rune of Spite
    OK, you've by now gathered how good this rune is considering how much I've been talking about it. You get a 4+ Ward Save (no improvements), so basically ANY damage that is caused on the bearer - only 1/2 of it will wound. Half your chances of dying for only 45pts. 9/10

    Rune of Fate
    Another why bother when you can have the Rune of ____. This time you can have the Master Rune of Spite for only 10pts more to get an unlimited 4+ save, instead of this rune's one time 2+. 6/10

    Master Rune of Challenge
    This rune is also very nice, but remember it's a master rune so you can't have another one. When an enemy gets into extreme charge range call this rune and your top enemy unit will have a hard choice - flee or face your mega unit. 9/10

    Master Rune of Dismay
    When doom is closing in on you, unveil this rune. It's best against harpies and that sort of thing with low leadership, you end up with an invisible anti-charge barrier. Combined with the Rune of Slowness you have a real anti-charge rune combo. 8/10

    Rune of Spellbreaking
    Can't rate this one as it is essential for almost every army. It is the only thing stopping enemies from casting magic besides Valaya and Runesmiths/lords, and it acts like a dispel scroll.

    Rune of Brotherhood
    The only way to get the special deployment rules of rangers/miners with a special character is this rune. When I field rangers it's best to have a cheap thane/Bugman with them, as characters cause a lot of damage and offers you support and even distraction. As your opponent is fighting the rangers you can home in with your main force. Also characters with miners is a deadly combo, can take out the enemy from the back, including war machines. 8/10

    Rune of Luck
    Well, hopefully you'll be lucky! 6/10

    Rune of Warding
    I find this rune works best with a master engineer on a cannon or something. Stops that nasty magic from ruining the machine's day. Another one of those runes which works best vs. magic armies. Also useful with ironbreakers who are vulnerable to magic that permeates armour. I swear this is the same thing as the Rune of Sanctuary, so I'll have to say a 7/10 again.

    Rune of the Furnace
    Only useful if your opponent has an addiction to warpfire throwers or loves dragons and the sort. It's a bargain at 5pts but a one trick pony (again) so no rating.


    Master Rune of Defence
    As Master Engineers offer hard resistance to a war machine at 70pts this looks like one of the worst runes yet. It protects the crew as well but you may as well have a master engineer at 30pts more. Sorry if that's a little critical. 3/10

    Rune of Forging
    Everyone loves this rune and I can't have a cannon without one - hardly any misfires! Great. 9/10

    Master Rune of Disguise
    Back to a bad note - this also looks like a really horrible rune to me (it used to be good). For it to work you're not allowed to move or shoot, which totally defeats the idea of a war machine. 3/10

    Master Rune of Immolation
    Somebody gets round the flank of your army... BOOM! 2D6 Strength 4 hits from an exploded war machine. Can be very unreliable but fun, as it secures another flank, with your opponent not wanting to get near your machine. 7/10

    Master Rune of Skewering
    I don't like this rune... it's another one use only. If that goes wrong then goes your 30pts down the drain which could have been invested on two high quality warriors. 5/10

    Rune of Accuracy
    OK, but often unreliable, and when you have reached a bit of a good shot you don't know whether to re-roll or not. This rune just puts you into a nasty dilemma. 6/10

    Rune of Fortune
    A decent rune, which prevents self-destructive misfires. If you feel as if you need to take it, but I'd still rather spend my pts on other things. If you use the Rune of Forging on a cannon for instance, chances of misfires are decreased anyway. 7/10

    Rune of Penetrating
    Grab this for a bolt thrower. Always. And (fanfare) you can smash chariots! This is a very useful ability which saves lots of attacking - just one hit and the chariot'sgone. Apart from doing that I wouldn't really go for it, but always take it for a bolt thrower. Trust me. 8/10

    Valiant Rune
    You won't run away now - actually you don't often anyway when testing as stubborn. That's all there is to say. 6/10

    Stalwart Rune
    As your crew is stubborn and unlikely to flee this rune seems pretty useless to me. Why do you need +1 CR, when you're always gonna lose on it anyway? 4/10

    Flakkson's Rune of Seeking
    Sounds really good, but is actually rubbish. It will take a maximum of 2 turns for flyers to reach your loaded bolt thrower and you probably won't have made many kills by then to have fulfilled the amount you have spent on these runes. 5/10

    Rune of Reloading
    Something that I finally like. Now misfires are forgotten (unless you blow up) and you can shoot every turn. At only 10pts its a nice insurance - definitely worth it. 8/10

    Rune of Burning
    Once again, like I've said for the Rune of Fire: When you don't know what army you're about to play, get this. At only 5pts you can shoot down targets that regenerate like Treemen. It's also very useful against Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts, so against them, get this. That's about it - it's another one trick pony, so no rating here (invaluable vs. certain stuff but useless against others).

    That's all for now, if you have any further suggestions or feedback feel free to add them by posting below!


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    I liked it, except for on bit:


    Again, like Dwarf Warriors except with some upgrades in the stats and a 2+ Armour Save. I repeat, a 2+ AS! Not many other units in Warhammer can best that, and they're infantry. As you can imagine these are best in an aggressive army and are very resistant. You can just move forward, shrugging off enemy fire. They're my personal favourite of the elites, just watch out for magic that ignores armour saves.
    Now, while I'm sure Ironbreakers can be used effectively in an aggressive army, I believe they are at their best in a shooty army. Throw in a character and stick it in front and you have an immovable tar pit your enemies will be hesistant to get near. Also with a unit of these on one side and a fairly large unit of slayers on the other, your flanks are nearly impenetrable.
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