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Thread: Playstyle?

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    Hi folks,

    I'm a 40K player getting into Fantasy with a few friends, and I've got a question for you about Dwarves.

    My understanding is that Dwarves are much slower than most of the other armies out there. Now, when I look at the tactica articles for other armies, they talk about flanking enemy lines, getting behind them, etc.

    Well, it seems to me that this isn't so much an option for Dwarves.

    So I was wondering, apart from 1-trick ponies (I remember seeing something about an Anvil of Doom tactic that sounded like a bit of a 1-trick pony), what are some of the standard tactics that Dwarves use to win? Is the idea to bog the enemy down in combat? If it is, how do you trick him into committing his forces? (Since surely anyone experienced against dwarves would realise that that IS the tactic...).

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    I'm not as experienced as alot of the others that frequent this forum, but I think there is more or less 3 different strategies used by dwarf armies.

    1: Shoot the crap out of the enemy and then whatever makes it across your lines should be easy pickings for your 2-3 dedicated melee units. Generally any flanking actions taken by the dwarf army in this list is with the Hammer & Anvil unit combinations. One big durable/tough/unbreakable unit like ironbreakers/slayers/hammerers takes a frontal charge and holds the enemy which is then flank charged by another, well poisioned unit on the following turn.

    2: The anvil/strollaz bearded steamroller. This strategy can pull of offensive flanking actions with the assistance of the anvil, and generally fields loads of warriors and other stumpy goodness. Loss of the anvil early in the game is a serious problem as it really depends on it to hurtle the units across the board as fast as possible.

    3: The balanced or mixed list which combines aspects of both of the above strategies. Personally I am not a fan of this style as it tends to lack enough focus to do well at either strategy.

    As a 40k player I would say that dwarves are comparable to foot-slogging marines in that they are relatively forgiving and rock hard, while also not being terribly fast.
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    generally speaking the ideal tactic is that of push and pull.

    shooting is unable to win games in wfb often enough to be reliable without depending on the more unbalanced factors of the game (thorek and his anvil being the main example). as a result dwarves should make sure they are able to deal with most threats in combat but have enough shooting to make it too risky for the enemy to stay outside combat.

    you pull them in with your firepower and push them back with your infantry. simple as that.

    actually employing this is somewhat more difficult however as the enemy isn't always willing to play along, shooting back for example is one of the more annoying aspects. to counter this we have several powerful tools at our disposal. the most effective of which are the miners, the gyrocopter and the master rune of grungi.

    the most important thing when using dwarves however is your deployment. where faster armies are able to rapidly move to where the enemy are positioned. dwarves don't have this luxury so as a result we are forced to pay a lot more attention to our deployment. due to our superiority in shooting the ideal plan is to set up our troops in a corner of the table in a battle line to defend our flanks and have our war machines positioned on the flanks, between the units or on a nearby hill (but one we can protect).

    i will point out however that focusing on a specific aspect in a dwarf army makes a weak dwarf army. Unlike 40k you are NOT rewarded for specialisation with dwarves. You need a good mix of both sides of the coin if you want a good chance of victory. if you go shoot you'll get run down by cavalry with their mighty 16-18" moves. go all combat and the enemy will pound you with shooting and our manoeuvre you. the balanced army is the strongest army for dwarves. the game dynamic is not comparable to anything in the 40k universe.

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