Hello all,

I am currently creating an army for the GT qualifiers in November.

I have been playing dwarfs for 18 years+ and fancied a change, so i have decided on the tactical flexibility of Empire.

I have written many lists and played many games, experimenting with all infantry, all cavalry, and combinations of both.

I have now decided to create a different and non-typical empire list.

This is how the current army pans out, (just a rough outline, i wont bore you with points etc)

Karl franze on emperor dragon

3 x Units of 5 knights.

2 x volly guns

1 x cannon

2 x lvl 2 wizards (Mounted in knight unit)

1 x Warrior priest (Mounted in knight unit)

3 x dispell scrolls

1 x sigil of sigmar (on wizard)

1 x Van horstmans speculum (on priest)

1 x banner of arcane warding (on 1 knight unit)

This army is uber compact, and very difficult to score points off.

Karl franze will dispatch virtually anything he touches and is very hard to kill, and so ties up 650 ish points that the opponent will have a tough time claiming.

I have played 7 games so far with this army versus tzeench, orcs, ogres and khorne.

Currently won 3 drawn 4.

The variant of the army is to drop the cannon, volly guns and 1 knight unit and take 2 x steam tanks.

I found this did not work as the tanks have been nerfed and 1 good hit from a bolt thrower renders it virtually useless.

I would very much apprieciate any comments, suggestions or critique on the list.