Swordsmen 20
Full Command

Detachment 10
Detachment 5 235

Cannon 100

Helstorm Rocket 115

Knights (5) 155

Flaggelants 13 130

Wizard Lv 2 125
Dispel scroll

Warrior Priest 98
Heavy armor, great weapon

Barded Warhorse
Full plate, Sheild, lance 74

10 Handgunners 80

Total 997

So im playing in a 100 point tournament at my local store this week, and I really need some help on a list...I feel that i might have too many characters, however my opponents tend to go extremely magic heavy. I have the 2nd detachment of 5 swordsmen because i know i will there will be an all calvary bretonian army as well as at least 3 goblin players who go fanatic crazy. The 5 are basically there to screen and draw out fanatics (die horribly)

I really would like to throw some magic items onto my characters as well as try to get another block of soldiers (i have spearmen too) in here....would it be wise to drop the helstorm and the flaggelants to add some spearmen with a swordsmen detachment? Also what is more worth it, the captain or a lv 1 wizard with a dispel scroll?

I also have the models to field 5 outriders, 10 crossbowmen, 4 more knights, another wizard, a captain on foot, 20 spearmen, 8 swordsmen, a captain on a Pegasus, a hellblaster, and 7 more flagelants (total of 20)

Id REALLY appreciate some help, i know that of the 10 other players in the tourney there will be : 3 all goblin, fanatic/magic armies (no orcs)
1 raise a million zombies vampire count army (3 necromancers!)
another empire army (steam tank!)
Bretonaians (all cav)
Tomb kings
Beastman army (4 skirmishing herds plus minotaurs)