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    Empire 2000pts. competitive

    This is a competitive list.

    General of the Empire 159
    Sword of Sigismund
    Armor of Meteoric Iron

    Captain of the Empire 138
    Battle Standard
    Griffon Standard
    Full Plate Armor

    Battle Wizard 95
    Rod of Power

    2 x (21) Spearmen 276
    Full Command
    Detachment: (10) Handgunners
    Detachment: (10) Free Company Fighters

    (10) Huntsmen 105

    (20) Greatswords 390
    Full Command
    Standard of Arcane Warding
    Detachment: (10) Crossbowmen
    Detachment: (10) Free Company Fighters

    (6) Knights of the White Wolf 221
    Inner Circle
    Full Command
    War Banner

    Great Cannon 100

    Hellblaster Volley Gun 110

    Malakai Makaisson’s Goblin-Hewer 130

    Total: 2000

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    My 2 cents

    Just a few thoughts on your list from an opponents point of view (i've just started playing empire)

    1) your BSB is rather defenseless, especially considering how important his Griffon standard is. Put him on a barded warhorse at least to increase his survivability. You can still stick him in infantry then

    2) lvl 1 wizard with rod of power is iffy. you cant use the extra dice to cast spells, and on a defensive role he has a good chance of losing the stored dice unless he keeps only one or two. a dispel scroll is probably a better choice.

    3) Greatswords: dunno why you took the banner of arcane warding, personnally i would think the banner of valour would be a better choice. If you always get that unit blasted i guess it might be worth it, but normally your knights will be on the receiving end of magic.

    4) Unless your army is pretty static, your shooting detachments will lose a lot of shooting oportunities as they try to stay within 3 inches of your parent units. you might want to make them seperate units in their own right.

    5) Goblin-hewer: i play dwarves, and the goblin-hewer never fails to disappoint. Take another unit of knights or some outriders, their firepower is better and they are more resistant to getting shot.

    Thats about it for now.
    Oi! Get off me beard!

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