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    empire army list 2000pts (friendly)

    Empire list 2000


    kurt helborg 325


    captain,barded war horse,lance,shield,full plate armour 78

    battle wizard
    2 dispel scrolls 115

    warrior priest
    2 dispel scrolls 140


    25 swords men ,full command
    with a detachment of 10 halberdiers 220

    25 swords men, full command
    with a detachment of 10 halberdiers 220

    10 crossbow men 80

    10 knightly orders,inner circle,full command 310

    20 great swords,full command with a war banner
    with a detachment of 10 free companie warriors 305

    5 pistoliers,outrider with repeater pistol 107

    great cannon 100

    total 2000

    it's a first attempt at an empire army list so please comment on it

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    Not bad!

    Nice try for a first 2k army.

    I have some suggestions for you though:

    1) Drop Kurt Helborg. He may be a cool character but he's very expensive and has no ward save at all. You could make your own grand master for much less points. If you do intend on keeping that large unit of knights then definitely stick him in it. The problem is that it has SHOOT ME all over it!

    2) What is the role of your captain on a horse? If helborg is with the knights what's he being used for?

    3) In my opinion empire really need a BSB. If I were you I'd change your mounted captain to a BSB to help out the rest of your battle line as your general and knights run around.

    4) Warrior priests can't take scrolls as they are arcane items. Only wizards can have arcane items.

    Hope I've given you some food for thought.

    Keep the cannon, pistoliers, greatswords and swordsmen though, plus the scroll caddy, all good choices

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