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    750p pre gunpowder army need advice

    Hey folks i need help with my army and whould love i u could comment it , if it would be compedetive or to slow moving. is it to small?

    General warrior priest : heavy a, great weapon shield 100pcaptain: barded hoarse, BSB fullplait armour 97p

    core: 10 xbow men /w musican 145p
    swordsmen 20 fullcommand 85p

    special: 19great swords priest here full command 220p
    5 pistoliers musican ( thess are gona be crossbowiers)

    do u think the BSB is worth it?

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    you should probably preview your posts before putting them up for others to see. I can barely read your list.

    Personally, at this point level (barely out of border patrol rules) 1 character maybe too many for some armies. I would go with the captain or the warrior priest - not both

    Shooting is good at small point games, but I'm not sure the giant units will work. Maybe smaller units of 15 with command would work (you still get 2 ranks and banner and if your shooting is doing it's job, then you may outnumber) I would take advantage of the detachment rules too, even in small games. Also, having crossbows you get to shoot on the first turn, so take advantage of that as well.
    I would do something like this

    15x Swordsmen FC
    detachment of 8 swordsmen (3x3), detachment of 8-10 crossbows (8x1)
    18x Greatswords FC (6x3)
    detachment of 8 swordsmen (3x3), detachment of 8-10 crossbows (8x1)
    5x Pistoliers musician a champion with repeater pistol also makes these guys extra shooty
    Captain armor of Meteoric Iron (better save for about the same points) handgun and great weapon (with the swordsmen) This is a tough, cheap build who actually adds to the shooting phase.
    this is about 775, so you may have to go 15 (5x3) with the greatswords

    I would add the warrior priest at 1000points and maybe a bound spell to help him get a prayer off maybe. But the above list has 4 drops including the captain (so hopefully you'll get the first turn often), good flanking units. Units that can stand and shoot, fast cav that can slow the enemy down but also contribute to the shooting carnage.

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