Here's a 2k list that I've been working on, let me know what you think. Just tear it apart if you need too.

Arch Lector (301)
-War Altar
-Hammer of Judgement
-Enchanted Shield

Warrior Priest (119)
-Armor of Meteroric Iron
-Great Weapon

Luthor Huss (180)


20 Flagalants (210)
-Doom Prophet
-Arch Lector Core Choice

State Troops (80)

5 Knights (180)
-Full Command

5 Knights (123)


24 Greatswords (370)
-Full Command
10 Swordsmen
5 Handgunners

Great Cannon (100)

5 OutRiders (113)

5 OutRiders (113)


Hellblaster Volly Gun (110)

The Warrior Priest joins the Greatswords Unit, Luthor Joins the Knight unit with Full Command.