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    2250 Holy Rocket, with emphasis on the Holy

    Couldn't call it Holy Cannonball, only one cannon and even as I expand it (this is actually a cut down version of a 2.5K list) I have 2 Helstorms and only 1 Cannon.

    Anyway... I've always liked the Holy Cannonball theme to bring the Empires effectivness into play, plus Cav mixed with ranged support is a theme in many of my armies (I play what I know), BUT around me so many people think Holy Cannonball means huge cheap gunline with one or two cav for flanking.

    I figured two things, fluff and smart movement use, would actually make Cav heavy with only limited specialized range more enjoyable so I'm hoping to buck the trend near me.

    Anyway... the list...

    Empire 2250 (224 Order of the Holy Rocket list

    L- Kurt Helborg
    (w/ Steel Standard Knights)

    H- Luthor Huss
    (w/ Knights IC x7)

    H- Battle Wiz w/ L2, Warhorse, Rod of Power, Ring of Volans
    (w/ Pistoliers)

    H- Capt of the Emp w/ Bard. Warhorse, Full Plate, Halberd, BSB, Holy Relic
    (w/ Valor Knights)

    C- Knights x5 w/ Champ, Stand, Banner of Valour
    C- Knights x5 w/ Champ, Stand, Steel Standard
    C- Archers x10 w/ Huntsmen, Marksmen

    S- Knights of the IC x7 w/ Champ, Stand, Warbanner
    S- Knights of the IC x13 w/ Champ, Stand, Banner of the Daemonslayer
    S- Pistoliers x5 w/ FC, Rep. Pistol
    S- G. Cannon

    R- Helstorm R.B.

    The general idea is to have two solid contingents of Knights of the IC, each backed by a smaller flanking Knight unit, with a Pistolier unit on deep strike duty to take out war machiens and such, OR to act as a potential rear charger or rank thinner for if either attack group needs it.

    Now it could be tricky keeping the G. Cannon and Helstorm with line of sight, but they give me options vs. armies with stronger CAv, or with Hordes that need breaking up.

    The wizzy gives me the capability to bring more dispel or power dice as needed if I face a foe with no magic or very heavy magic.

    My other heroes add killing and potential duel winning power.

    Again it's a cut down version of a 2.5K version, it loses a few knights (like 1 each unit or so), and a 2nd Helstorm.


    Critique away. This was thrown together kind of quick so I'm open to suggestions, and I do have a few other models laying around (though not enough to radically change the design to much in terms of things assemlbed, painted, or unboxed).

    EDIT: Big Question... Banners... I love them, but I DO think I'm overdoing it here. If anyone thinks one can go let me know which and why.

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