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    Superflat Monogram Sayomi Akimoto's Avatar
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    2000 Pt fluffy Army


    Templar Grand Master


    Battle Standard Bearer W/ Full Plate

    Warrior Priest W/ Heavy Armor And Great Weapon

    Wizard Level 2 W/ Staff and Dispel Scroll


    Knights X6 W/ Full Command

    Knights X5 W/ Preceptor

    Knights X5 W/ Preceptor


    Pistoliers X5

    Pistoliers X5

    Greatsords X29 W/ Full command
    Two 12 man swordsmen detachment

    Greatswords X28 W/ Full command
    Two 12 man swordsmen detachments

    Total 1999

    The idea is that this knightly order was disgraced, to the point at which many of the order vowed never to take to the saddle again, instead opting to fight with feet on the ground and both hands wielding a big, angry weapon.

    Being a disgraced order, there are few who wish to fight alongside them, nevermind join the order. The Pistoliers are the sons of a few nobles who still desire to join the disgraced order as well as the sons of several of the knights themselves, while the swordsmen represent the knightly order taking on pages who they deem worthy in terms of skill, not just blood line, to join their order. In other words, they're turning the order into the brotherhood of the common man.

    The Templar Master is pretty obvious, along with the Standard Bearer. The Warrior Priest is there to bear witness to their penitence. The Wizard, well, she's just along for the ride.

    So, think this is a capable list? It's leaning a bit towards the lower model count size, but hey, taking mostly greatswords and knights will do that, right? I was planning to use it the standard Empire army way; Greatswords and swordsmen hold the line, Knights get rear and flank, and the pistoliers go around killing war machine crews and harrassing the enemy. To make up for the lack of artillery, I'm taking a level 2 wizard with a staff and the lore of fire.

    I'm thinking about dropping some swordsmen for handgunner detachments, as well one of the knight regiments for a regiment of handgunners, as well as dropping one of the pistoliers for a mortar or greatcannon. In other words, make it more shooty.


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    Hey again! I like the idea of having some fluff to your army, it makes them very personable both to yourself and your opponent and also very fun to play. And I will try to keep my comments w/in that fluff but also what you said in your other thread about still being strong.

    I really do think you should add some ranged attack to your army. It is always good to have some balance and have the ability to fight according to the situation. However, something I was thinking in keeping w/ your disgraced order was outriders. They could be the grizzled vets who have stuck around because they don't know how else to live or simply they see a need for "tough love" to keep the order alive and so they stick around. But game wise, this would be a great way to get some ranged in, along w/ more units that can draw the enemy in closer so you can hammer them w/ your knights and greatswords. However, this would mean sacrificing one of your special choices since you are already maxed out there.

    Another thing you could do is take flagellants. I know you are going for the whole knight theme but listen to this: Since this order is so bent on repenting for their past sins, it would seem natural that a roving band of crazed martyrs would follow as well, preaching the end is coming and that all should follow the example of the order. A unit of 20 or so, put in between the two greatsword units, would work really well game terms i think. It would almost guarantee in the case you get charged that there will be a hammer coming in your next turn that will probably win you combat. However, this is kinda of expensive option, would would have to probably trim down the size of your greatswords by 5 or so and take out the detachments. But it would also allow you to upgrade a unit to Inner Circle Knights as well which is pure win!

    So yeah, thats what I think. Sounds like a solid list though, I hope it does you good!

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