2250 Empire Army- Tourney - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2250 Empire Army- Tourney

    So here was my list, tell me what you think

    Grand master 190
    Sword of Sigismund


    Wizard Lv 2
    2 dispel 150

    Warrior Priest heavy armor, shield
    silver horn and sword of battle 146

    Warrior Priest, 2 hand weapons
    meteoric iron,


    20 Swordsmen w/FC 145
    Detachment 10 swordsmen

    20 Spearmen w/FC 145
    Detachment 10 handgunners

    20 Swordsmen w/FC 145
    Detachment 10 swordsmen

    Flagellents 20 w/ prophet 210


    5 knights w/FC 195 warbanner
    Inner Circle


    Pistoliers w/ musician 97


    Steam Tank


    im 2 points over but i figure if i have to ill make one of the swordsmen detatchments 9 guys instead of 10

    the grand master goes with the IC knights, the priests both go with the swordsment units and the wizard sits with the spearmen

    The knights, pistoliers and steam tank take one flank, the flagelants take another and the center is anchored by the big infantry blocks and war machines
    my only concern is that I have only the cannon and steam tank to take out super scary units...also while my magic defense should be OK i dont have a ton of magic OFFENSE

    4 power dice
    5 dispel dice

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    Allright, firstly make the wizard lvl 1, with 4 dice and 2 bounds, he isn't getting much off, unless you pick up more bounds. Secondly I would build your GM to live, I think a lance is the best way to go and get the holy relic or rod of command. Thirdly, mount your priests. It is never a bad idea to do that, they get a 2+ save, can still join infantry, and if needed charge out of the unit at something easy to kill, that way they really don't need magic items unless you want more bounds (doomfire ring, casket of sorcery). Fouthly, the magic number for swordsmen blocks is 25, 23 if you want priests to join so they are 25 and they can outnumber other blocks and keep rank bonuses. Plus definetely drop your detach's to 9 and go 3X3, I dout you will ever see the situation arise where they need a rank bonus and the small frontage makes them so much more maneouverable. Btw archer detachs ftw. I would definetely take them over swords/ halberds anyday. For artillery since you have an open special slot drop your hellblaster for another cannon or pistoliers. Both are twice as good but for less points. Otherwise the list is fine.
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