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    1000 pt. Competitive but friendly list

    Hi everybody!
    I've played some 40k in the past but i'm planning on starting up on WFB. So i've put this list together as my first one. With this is can use every unit in a cheap Batallion Box and still satify my shooty habbits.

    Captain of the Empire w. Warhorse, Barding, Heavy Armour, Shield and Lance
    Goes with Inner Circle Knights

    78 pts.

    Warrior Priest w. a second Warhammer and Armour of Meteoric Iron
    Goes with Spearmen

    119 pts.

    20 Spearmen w. Shields, Full Command, 5 Swordsmen detachment and 5 Swordsmen detachment

    200 pts.

    10 Handgunners w. Marksman, Hochland Long Rifle and 5 Handgunners

    145 pts.

    10 Handgunners w. Marksman, Hochland Long Rifle and 5 Handgunners detachment

    145 pts.

    5 Knights of the Inner Circle

    105 pts.

    Great Cannon

    100 pts.

    5 Outriders

    105 pts.

    All together: 997

    I would most joyful if anyone would drop some critics on it. If you do you qualify for being a cool melon

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    ...cool melon.....??? Lol, jk man. Anyway, welcome. 1000pts, eh? Cool stuff man, I think low points games have their own feel to them and can offer new and interesting situations. I personally play in an escalation league where we start off at 500pts one month and then each after add 500pts more until we are at 2000 and start over. Help you learn your army inside and out, I am telling you. Enough about me, onto your list:
    - Your hero construction is really solid. You keep them cheap but effective. One thing I will warn you though is that magic killy power gets magnified many times over in low point games. Personally, I run a warrior priest and a lvl 2 wizard with the rod of power because it gives me the ability to be super offensive with my magic or really defensive with it as well. Plus, by taking lore of fire or beasts, I can keep my wizard from taking too much from my CC abilities.
    - Something you might want to think about is consolidating your detachments in to one 3x3 block. Reason is that if either of them takes any wounds, you'll be under unit strength 5 and then they lose their reason of being- negate ranks and gain flanking bonus. I run them in 3x3 because that way they are more maneuverable and it give just enough wounds that they should be able to do their job when they get into CC.
    - Take a warbanner with your Inner Circle Knights. It gives them a real edge for combat res since you won't be negating ranks anytime soon and will help curb against the "rubber lance" effect.
    Edit (Had to go at the time so didn't finish writing):
    - You might want to think about taking crossbow detachments. They will give you versatility in getting a near guaranteed first turn shot and close range sooner.
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