Hi all. This here is draft # 1,000,000,000,000... and then some of my empire army, all the previous ones having been met with poorly diguised ridicule :p. Now however, i think i have a rather balanced army that can take on all-comers. (Perhaps now i should mention that i havn't played a game of WHFB in my life, and its a long time since i did any GW gaming. Thus i might be horribly wrong)

The army is intended for friendly gaming, but competetive gaming in the future is not impossible. By then i should be able to iron out nay kinks myself though (hopefully :s)

A few things that i really don't want in my army: TGM's, Wizards, Helstorms and steamtanks (though i might be changing my mind about that last one). Great swords I can’t afford to have, they take up precious canno.. I mean special slots.

Lords & Heroes 763 Pts

Arch Lector w/ Great Weapon, Barded Warhorse, Aldred's casket, Shroud of Magnus, Heavy Armour 243 Pts

# 1 Warrior Priest w/ 2 hand weapons, Sigil of Sigmar, Armour of Meteoric Iron 134 Pts

# 2 Warrior Priest w/ Heavy armour, Enchanted sheild, hammer of striking 126 Pts

Captain of the Empire w/ BSB, Griffon Standard, Full plate armour 138 Pts

Captain of the Empire w/ Barded Warhorse, Full plate armour, Sword of righteous steel, Bronze Sheild 122 Pts

Core 1602 Pts

25 Spearmen w/ full command, Shields, 10 crossbowmen & 10 swordsmen detachment (BSB and # 2 WP goes here) 310 Pts

25 Swordsmen w/ full command, 10 crossbowmen & 10 swordsmen detachment (WP # 1 goes here) 315 Pts

3 x 10 Handgunners w/ Marksmen, Hochland Longrifle 315 Pts

7 Knights w/ Full command, Steel Standard (AL goes here) 221 Pts

7 Knights w/ Full command, Standard of Arcane Warding (CPoE goes here) 231 Pts

20 Flagellants w/ Prophet of Doom 210 Pts

Special 479 Pts
10 Pistoliers w/ Outrider, Repeater Pistol, Musician 204 Pts

2 x Great Cannon & 1 Mortar 275 Pts

Rare xxxx Pts

Helblaster Volley Gun xxxx Pts

All in all the army comes up to around 2950 Pts

Please tell what is good, what need to go, what can be improved and so on. and do tell me if the whole thing stinks.