Hey, guys. This is a tentative army of 3,000 that I'm working toward for fantasy tabletop. I don't play that much so I picked the models as much for enjoyment of painting as anything else, but the plan is to have a decent force that will be strong against most armies or pared down to beat specific opponents. Let me know what you think, criticism is always welcome.


Templar Grand Master of the White Wolves- Mace of Helsturm, Jade Amulet 245
Wizard Lord (Beast Lore)- Lvl. 4, Pegasus, Armour of Tarnus, Rod of Power,
Alfred's Casket of Sorcery 360


Captain of the Reiksguard (Battle Standard Bearer)- Full Plate Armour, Barded
Warhorse, Wyrmslayer Sword, Silver Horn 147
Warrior Priest- 2nd HW, Gilded Armour 134
Master Engineer- Light Armour, Mechanical Steed, Hochland Long Rifle, Pigeon
Bombs, Orb of Thunder 167

Core Units

35 Halberdiers (Led by Warrior Priest)- Full Command 195
-Crossbowmen detachment (10) 80
-Free Companies detachment (10) 50
12 Knights of the Reiksguard (Led by Captain)- Full Command, Steel Standard 336
8 White Wolves(Led by Grand Master)- Full Command, War Banner 239
20 Handgunners- Full Command, Hochland Long Rifle 200
- Archers Detachment (10) 80

Special Units

14 Greatswords- Full Command, Banner of the Daemonslayer 220
5 Pistoliers- Outrider w/
Repeater Pistol, Musician 114
5 Pistoliers- Outrider w/Repeater Pistol, Musician 114
1 Great Cannon 100

Rare units

2 Helblaster Volley Gun 220

Total = 3001

I know the army doesn't have much of a foot infantry core base but this is because I am nervous about them being too slow getting into CC and getting shot to bits on the way with their light armour. Instead, I focused on having a fair bit of firepower in the handguns and the Cannons, and I chose a lot of mounted models to get around the battlefield quickly so that I could engage some the weaker units earlier on and cause some casualties before the main of the battle because some of my more elite units aren't all that large (only 14 greatswords and 8 white wolves). I focused a lot of my points into heroes because I've seen a lot of elf, chaos and vampire armies where the heroes are the ones to beat, and even though I may be lacking a bit in the magic section against some armies I think that my characters make up for it in all-around usefulness.

Send me your thoughts and ideas!