I am hoping to go to a tournament in Oct with a 2200-point army list, so I want to make a sort of all-comers army but that still has its own unique style and isn't total cheese(I might have taken the Arch Lector despite this, but I don't have the model or the time to convert/paint a war altar).
I haven't had much experience as to tactics but I have imagined a fairly magic-heavy army of wizards and a priest who generate enough power and dispel dice to control the magic phase or at least compete with other magic-heavy armies. I chose ROP and the WS/DFR to increase the versatility of my wizards' ability to suit the dice to their needs, and ACS should be especially powerful at rendering other wizards useless.
On top of the magic theme I tried to include some decent firepower and a fair number of knights since I'm not a big fan of the massed slow infantry, and where I have infantry I have detachment support and characters (BSB and WP) which should boost the morale and hopefully add to combat resolution.
My basic plan is to begin quickly with the magic and shooting in hopes of causing panic reactions and weakening magic resistance (take out enemy wizards/magic characters first). The pistoliers' job should be march blocking although I don't really expect them to last too long under fire, Meanwhile, the infantry units I intend to send into direct combat while having the White Wolves hang back and attempt to maneuver into flanking range with their extra D3 to charge. The Inner Circle Reiksguard knights, along with the Fire Wizard, are going to be my monster/special unit fighting cavalry.


Wizard Lord (Beast Lore): Lvl. 4, Pegasus, Armour of Tarnus, Rod of Power, Alfred's Casket of Sorcery


Battle Wizard (Fire Magic): Lvl. 2, Barded Warhorse, Wizard's Staff, Doomfire Ring
Warrior Priest: Two handed-hammer, Dawn Armour, Talisman of Protection
Captain: BSB, Full Plate, Shield of the Gorgon, Hammer of Judgement


18 Spearmen: Shields, Standard, Sergeant
-Handgunner detachment (6): 48
23 Swordsmen: Shields, Standard, Duellist
-Handgunner detachment (6): 48
-Halberdier detachment (8)w/ shields: 48
8 White Wolf Knights: Standard, Preceptor, Steel Standard


6 Reiksguard Knights: Inner Circle, Standard Bearer, Preceptor, Banner of the Daemonslayer
9 Greatswords: Standard Bearer, Chapion, War Banner
5 Pistoliers: Musician, Outrider w/ Repeater Pistol
Cannon: 100


Helblaster Volley Gun: 110

Let me know how you think this army would hold up to tournament play, or whether you think my strategies are flawed. I'd rather learn now than later!