Recently I started my second fantasy army, my first being dwarfs, and set about creating a 500pt list. It is meant to be a friendly, fun list, and I wanted it to be quite heavy on magic and cavalry. This is because when playing dwarfs, these are the things I wanted the most.

So, here it is. Please comment and tell me what could be changed and improved, I would really appreciate any advice you have.


Wizards, level 2 with either rod of power or doomfire ring-130 pts
Goes either on his own or with spearmen.


15 spearmen, Full Command, shields-110pts
Detachment of 5 halberdiers-25pts

5 knights with muso-123pts


5 pistoliers, with musician and outrider with repeater pistol-114

502 pts

I have only played 1 game with this list, and it worked fairly well. I played against a beastmen army which included-1 beast horde, 2 chariots, 3 minotaurs and combat character(dont know what it was)
The game went fairly well, with the detachment of halberdiers taking out a chariot! The knights and pistoliers worked well, supporting each other and such. They accounted for the minotaurs and half of the beast horde, with the wizard taking out the second chariot with uranons thunderbolt.
The only downside was the unit of spearment getting abused by impact hits.

So, please comment and tell me what you think of the list.