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Thread: 2k List

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    2k List

    Ok the following is the fluff aspect of a tercio based (pike-and-shot) list of Empire I started in the Main Empire Forum. Just though Id post the backstory here and ask if its any good.

    The army is based on the Holy Roman Empire and will have a yellow and black colour scheme. The standards will be the double headed eagle of the Kaiser. Its historically accurate right down to the glaring lack of magical goodies on any of my units. Probably not too competetive but hopefully numbers and firepower and good ol' guts and cold steel will get the job done.

    If it says led by-that's the unit captain and their champion. In tournies I probably wont dish out the points for them but its nice to personalize the army a bit. conversions to come after I get the cash to actually buy some stuff. Beware TeH STock Markeet CRash.

    Henrik Von Kirlock, Imperial Captain
    Great Weapon
    Heavy Armour

    Master Engineer Malleus von Talabheim

    Tercio Imperatus led by Henrik von Kirlock

    25 Pikemen Banner and Mus 2 (10) Handgunners Detach
    25 Pikemen Banner and Mus 2 (10) Handgunners Detach

    Wing One

    Graf von Orlok's Guardians
    20 Swordsmen Banner and Mus . 10 Hals Detach

    Wing Two

    The Men of Iron.
    20 Swordsmen led by Adolf Hausen. Banner and Mus. 10 Hals Detach

    The Steel Rain
    20 Crossbowmen led by Paul Reinhart. Banner and Mus. 2 10 HGunner Detach

    Furious Sky Battery

    Koingtiger (King Tiger) Battery
    Great Cannon

    10 Pistoliers led by Count Pappienhiem

    10 Pistoliers led by Count Erik Lichtenstien

    Kaiser's Will Battery

    It is winter and Chaos warbands rampage south again. Count Tilly of Middenhiem organizes an army under hard-bitten captain Henrik von Kirlock to deal with the barbarians. As they reach the southern borders of Kislev Henrik meets the main horde in battle and shatters them with musket and cannon fire. However, a few escape including the cunning Warlord Vladius into the trackless forests of the Empire herself.

    As von Kirlock attempts to hunt them down, the city of Middenhiem is raided and a large number of horses stolen. A fortnight later and Vladius host rides to battle again, this time on a massive force of daemioncially altered warhorses. Kirlock's muskets, spearmen and swordsmen cannot resist their furious charge and they are forced to retreat.

    After observing a joust and noting how the horse shied away from the oncoming lance, von Kirlock decided to lenghen the spears of the spearmen state troopers to a massive 14 feet, and remove their shields and heavy armour. Ridiculed by his fellow commanders, he nonetheless proceeded to train his men in the use of their weapon until they could present an impenetratble wall of spear points to the enemy. He also introduced a tight formation whereby the muskets were interlocked with the spearmen and could retreat within their wall to avoid cavalry.

    It is the depth of Winter and von Kirlock puts his newly trained force to battle once more...

    And thats a story for a nother day, maybe my a battle report!

    So comments and criticism please on the list yes I know theres little magic, I might add some later but the general units are there.

    Last edited by fluffstalker; October 28th, 2008 at 13:56.

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    Yeah, with an engineer as a character, you're definately going for fluff.

    On what criteria do you want us to rate this list?

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