Well, I've finally swallowed my pride and started an empire army; ordering 'the empire army' box, as well as a few miscellaneous figures.

My regular opponents are: Empire, Lizardmen, Vampire Counts, and possibly Warriors of chaos (depends on how this guy likes the new army book).

I'm looking at challenging the Empire fellow with this list first to see how it does.


Warrior priest
-Barded Warhorse
-Heavy Armor
-Sword of Justice
-Enchanted Shield
-Talisman of Prot

Battle Wizard
-Lvl 2
-2 Dispel Scrolls

20 Swordsmen w/ Full Command
Detatchment 1: 10 Handgunners
Detatchment 2: 10 Handgunners

20 Flagellants w/ Prophet of Doom

9 knights w/ full command
Steel Standard
(warrior priest goes here)


1 Mortar

5 Pistolliers w/ full command and repeater pistol

5 Outriders w/ full command and Hochland long rifle


Helstorm Rocket battery

This should get me to 1498 points and requires only a mortar, a knight, a wizard, and a mounted warrior priest (unless one were to convert the mounted empire general that comes in the box).

Is there anything you all would adjust or scrap? Anything you don't understand why I took it?