I just started playing Warhammer recently and this is the very first 2000 Point Army list I have put together. Any feed back is appreciated, I'd like to try and fit in a Mortar or a Regiment of 10 Hangunners with a Marksman & HLR but I can't seem to find the points to do so.


Arch Lector of Sigmar
-War Altar
-Armor of Meteoric Iron
-Sword of Sigismund
-Van Horstman's Speculum


Captain of the Empire
-Additional Hand Weapon & Pistol
-Full Plate Armor
-Battle Standard Bearer
-Griffon Standard

Warrior Priest
-Great Weapon
-Dawn Armor
-Sigil of Sigmar

Battle Wizard
-Level 2
-Rod of Power

Core Troops:

Swordsmen Regiment 1
-25 Swordsmen with Full Command

Halberdier Detachment
-12 Halberdiers

Hand Gunner Detachement
-5 Hand Gunners

Swordsmen Regiment 2
-25 Swordsmen with Full Command

Halberdier Detachment
-12 Halberdiers

Hand Gunner Detachment
-5 Hand Gunners

Flagellant Warband
-25 Flagellant
-Prophet of Doom

Special Troops:

Pistolier Regiment 1
-5 Pistoliers
-Full Command
-Outrider has Repeater Pistol

Pistolier Regiment 2
-5 Pistoliers
-Full Command
-Outrider has Repeater Pistol

1 Great Cannon

Rare Tropps

1 Hellblaster Volley Gun

The general concept is to be able to hold my own in the Magic Phase or at least be able to block the critical stuff and maybe slip a spell in here or there. The Flagellants are designed to be used to clog up enemy units on a flank, and with the roving bands of Pistoliers harrassing either one flank or both drive the Enemy into the withering fire of the Hellblaster Volley Gun and my hammer infantry units.

The Infantry core is designed make use of thier superior leadership (with the BSB embedded in one unit of Swordsmen and the Battle Wizard & Warrior Priest embedded in the other Unit of Swordsmen) to hold and be able to flank chage with thier detachments and the General's Chariot which will be operating around the infantry to make quick work of any challangers.

I think I'm a little bit light on Ranged and as manetioned previously I would like to add a regiment of Handgunners or a Mortar but I can't figure out where to cut the points. Please let me know what you think!