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    1999 friendly army list

    Hi all !

    Here is the list I use in my last battle against a Dark elves army.


    General :
    Warrior priest, heavy armour, shield, Sigil of Sigmar, Silver Horn
    -150 pts

    BSB :
    Captain with heavy armour, shield and Griffon Banner
    -136 pts

    Sorcerer level 1
    Lore of the Beast, 2 dispell scroll
    -115 pts

    23 swordmen, full command
    /9 halberdiers
    /9 archers
    -280 pts

    23 swordmen, full command
    /9 halberdiers
    /9 handgunners
    -280 pts

    10 knights, full command
    Banner of the Deamonslayers
    -320 pts

    5 knights of the white wolf, full command
    -155 pts

    5 knights, full command
    -155 pts

    5 pistoliers, musician
    -97 pts

    2 great canons
    -XX pts

    -XX pts

    I won the game, but not exactly like I was thinking to. I was expecting to face an agressive army, with a lot of mobile forces. That's why I chose too much defensive components (2 big block of infantry with cc detachments and firing screens/ the archers were here to intercept annoying ennemies, that's what they did very effectively against harpies).
    I failed to to do something with my left flank (cavalry), but my great unit of knights on the right flank (which was a fat points bag) did very well : it destroyed 2 chariots, and the 2 of the elven infantry units by forcing their flank.

    My opponent refuse to fight the all 6 turns with his infantry, and focalized his mobiles forces on my artillery (a waste of time and point for him, hehe).

    Here is a picture of my first turn, you can see the armies and the configuration of the battle.

    Oh, last point, my sorcerer and all my bound spells were unefficients, because of his 3 sorceress. They did a lot a damage in my infantry with their dark spell.

    Here you can see the battle near the end :

    What do you think about this army ?

    Just removed a couple of individual points costs, since posting them is against site rules. -AFG//
    ok sorry... I had hesitations when I was writting...

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    In all, that's not a bad looking list. I can't really see much wrong with your character selection.

    For your Knights, my favourite banners are the War Banner, the Steel Standard, and the Standard of Arcane Warding. They're all cheap and efficient, but it's your call here. About your other Knights, KotWW are pretty useless these day, unfortunately, due to their striking last (which admittedly, against, DEs, isn't much of a problem), their reduced armour save, and the fact that +1S on the charge isn't really that great anyway.

    Onto your R&F, I'd drop both ranged Detachments back to five, so you can shoot with at least most of them still, and they're cheap and don't get in the way.

    Personally, I'm in favour of running a Cannon/Mortar list, for the sake of variety. Drop one of those Cannons for a Mortar, and you'll have yourself a powerful anti-infantry piece that saves on points as well.

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