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Thread: 2000 points

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    2000 points

    General + Full Plate + Shield + Runefang - 195 pts

    Captain + Pegasus + Full Plate + Shield + Sword of Fate - 150 pts

    Warrior Priest + Heavy Armour + Shield + Aldred's Casket of Sorcery - 131 pts

    Battle Wizard level 2 + Wizards Staff + Doomfire Ring - 140 pts

    25 Halberdiers + Full Command - 190 pts (including detachment)
    -Detachment of 9 Free Company

    25 Halberdiers + Full Command - 190 pts (including detachment)
    -Detachment of 9 Free Company

    25 Swordsmen + Full Command - 220 pts (including detachment)
    -Detachment of 9 Halberdiers or Free Company (I can't decide)

    10 Crossbowmen + Marksman - 85 pts

    10 Archers + Marksman - 85 pts

    5 Pistoliers + Outrider + Repeater Pistol + Musician - 114 pts

    5 Knights of the Inner Circle + Full Command - 170 pts

    Great Cannon -

    Hellstorm Rocket Battery -

    Hellstorm Rocket Battery -

    I plan on using the 3 infantry blocks as an advancing line, with my General, Warrior Priest and Wizard pretty close together, maybe even in the same unit.

    The Captain will advance with the line and then 1 or 2 turns before the armies clash he will charge at his target, which will be something important (like a VC General or a terror causing monster, or just something that is worth more points than him).

    The Pistoliers and the Knights will work together as line breakers. The Pistoliers will try to weaken a unit so that the Knights can charge in and overrun behind enemy lines, and later go for the rear charge or kill war machines (although they are probably more likely to just change the target of enemy war machines for a turn, which I would be happy with in most cases anyways)

    The Hellstorm Rocket Batteries will bombard the enemy for a few turns while I get my lines into position (this is the reason why my cavalry and my Captain won't just charge in as fast as they can...they dont want to get hit!). The Cannon will shoot at whatever needs to be shot with monsters and chariots being priority targets.

    The Archers and the Crossbowmen will be shooting at enemy fast cavalry and flyers, as well as any other march blockers or artillery hunting units. They're there mainly to support my infantry as they advance.

    My Wizard will mostly be taking the lore of Light because the opponents that I will be facing regularly with this army play Vampire Counts and Demons. Also if I get the healing spell (forgot what it's called) I will have 2 characters with the ability to heal other characters which, I have no doubt, will be usefull.

    So, there we go...It's an army list and basic tactics.
    What do you think?

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