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    2,000 point codex list

    Okay, I'm new to fantasy and am just looking for a quick list to build so i can play with my friends who decided to both 40k and fantasy, i don't to spend too much money, so i was wondering if the 2,000 point codex list is any good? I'll post it here if you guys have an edits to it. this is how its listed in the codex

    Flagellant Warband 210 pts
    20 Flagellangts with Flails
    Prophet of doom

    Greatswords 230 pts
    20 Greatswords, full plate Armour and two-handed wepaons
    Count's Champion, Standard bearer and musician

    Pistoliers 114 pts
    5 Pistoliers, each w/ brace of pistols
    musician, and outrider with repeater pistol

    Bruno Schepke, Warrior Priest of Sigmar 98 pts
    Heavy Armour, Two handed Hammer

    Master Engineer Otto von Ritterberg 100 pts
    Mechanical steed, one hand weapon, repeater pistol

    Crossbowmen 80 pts
    10 Crossbowmen attached to swordsmen

    Swordsmen 145 pts
    20 Swordsmen, light Armour shields hand weapons
    Duelist, standard bearer, and musician

    Cannon 100 pts

    Mortar 75 pts

    Hellblaster Volley Gun 110 pts

    Markus Schiller, Captain 83 pts
    Battle standard, hand weapon, full plate armour

    Albrecht von Krieghaus, Empire General 184 pts
    Barded Warhorse, Gilded Armour, shield, sword of power

    Reiksguard Knights 270
    10 Reiksguard Knights, Barded Warhorses, Full plate Armour, hand wepaons and lances, shields, preceptor, standard bearer, musician

    Halberdiers 120 pts
    20 Halberdiers, light armour, halberds, Sergeant, light armour, musician, standard bearer

    Handgunners 80 pts
    10 handgunners attached to the Hlberdiers

    so i was thinking about using just this, if you have any sugggestion or if i should go higher on point value please give input. thanks

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    I think 2000 pts is a nice value to start out with. Most games played (incl. tournament play) are 1500, 2000, 2250 or 2500 pts. So 2000 is a good start, with easy options to expand.

    In general your list seems solid. But there are a few things you might want to take into account. First of wich is the low magical defence. The one dispel dice from your warrior priest is not going to hold it. I would suggest removing the master engineer, which is generally considered to expensive for its use, and take either another priest, or a wizard with 2 dispell scroll or the rod of power. This brings me to the point of magic items, which you seem to use sparsely. I think this is due to your 40k experience. But in fantasy having a few more around is really good. Use them to keep important people (general, army standard) alive, and give added punch to others. The army standard should be equipped in my opinion with either a magic banner or some protection to keep him alive. To much victory points to lose there. Also, since your general goes with your knights (I presume) give one of your state troops a magic banner, or swap him with a templar grand master. Two last, more minor concerns are the sizes of your infantry, which I would increase to 25 at least (except flagellants) and the fact that halberdiers are in general not considered the best parent unit. I woul suggest spearmen or another swordsmen unit. Maybe a detachment for the greatswords?

    So in summary:
    * swap engineer for priest or wizard with magic defense
    * make use of the generals banner ability or swap for grand master
    * use magic items to keep your army standard alive
    * use magic items a little more in general
    * possibly up your unit sizes
    * swap halberd for spears (or swords)

    Hope this helps. Good luck with your games.

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