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    1K Empire Campaign list.

    Starting a campaign soon at my local gaming club. /wave to anyone from there reading this. I saw it as a good reason to start a nice new army.

    So folowing these rules I needed a 1K starting list.

    1,000pts army.
    One Character.
    Two Special Units.
    One Rare Choice.
    No Skirmishers.
    One Warmachine.
    One Monster.
    Three Magic Items with a combined points cost of no greater than 100.
    We also get terratory to start with that gives specific bonuses. 3 in total, 1 we choose, 2 are random. So Ive chosen a BSB and have yet to roll for the others.

    So im after thoughts and opinions on my list for it. Ive never played Empire before, and Ive only play agaist them twice.

    Empire 1000 points

    Warrior Priest - Gen; Sword of Justice; Shield; Heavy Armor; Warhorse; Barding

    Captain of the Empire - BSB; Sword of might; Armor of Meteoric Iron

    19x Swordsmen - FC
    [Det]5x Handgunners
    [Det]9x Swordsmen

    5x Knightly Order - SB; Mus

    18x Flagellant

    5x Pistoliers - Mus

    Great Cannon.

    994 points....

    The Captain is with the swordmen for the higher LD and BSB. The Priest is with the knights giving them the much needed hatred. Flags are 18 because I either plan to field em 6 across or 5 and sacrafice 3 of them asap.

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    Looks like a pretty solid list, hard to find too many faults with it. One thing I would consider is giving the WP the VHS in case you come up against something nasty (Vampires, Exalted Champions etc). It should combine well with one of the Common swords too.

    If you want the points spared up, you could drop a Flagellant or two.

    How much Magic do people use in your area? Maybe if you drop the SoMight on the Captain for the Sigil of Sigmar, or went with a caddy instead, you might find those nasty spells don't devastate your entire army (Flames of the Phoenix is particularly nasty, and additional effects on units are also ones to watch for - can't move for a turn etc).

    Before I start rambling again, I'd also like to say that I'm a fan of Outriders with Repeater Pistols in Pistolier units. They can add a decent number of shots, and can still kill stuff on their own (I came this close to popping a Dragon Mage last week with two Pistoliers left).

    But yeah, those are pretty minor things. Hope this helps.

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