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Thread: Empire 2250

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    Empire 2250

    Im hoping this would be a competative, all commers list. Im fairly new to Empire, so please be gentle.


    Kurt Helborg

    Battle Wizard - lvl 2; Aldred's Casket of Sorcery;

    Warrior Priest - Great Weapon; Armour of Metoric Iron;

    Warrior Priest - Heavy Armour; Shield; Doomfire Ring


    23x Swordsmen - FC; (Wizard and first Priest here)
    [Det] 9x Swordsmen

    20x Swordsmen - FC
    [Det] 9x Swordsmen

    18x Flagellant Warband


    5x Knights of the Inner Circle - Champ; Standard; Lance & Shield

    5x Pistoliers - Champ; Repeater Pistol

    19x Greatswords - FC (Second Priest goes here)
    [Det] 9x Swordsmen

    Great Cannon


    Steam Tank

    So any tips? Im after something that looks nice on the table, but yet is still competative. I think I have too many swordsmen at the moment. So something to break this up would be nice. Possible some way of getting a unit of Hunters in or some Handgunners.

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    Any tips I can offer are a matter of personal preference, tinted with personal experience, so take this lightly if you can.

    Many people will swear by swordsmen, but I'd rather squeeze in a few extra spearmen for the points- which makes warrior priests all the more potent. I'd say you should switch up your detachments a bit, at least. Take some halberdiers, free company, or missile troops as detachments to accent the versatility of the unit as a whole. A detachment of 6 archers works extremely well at protecting your units from missile fire or just generally being a pain.

    As far as characters go- its a personal thing, but I don't like to take special characters, especially in competitive lists... If you like him though, I can't criticize you for taking him. He's pretty sick. If you do take him, I'd say your inner circle knight unit is too small. I'd aim for 10 or so.
    As far as the other characters go, you have good items overall, but the placement might be a little odd. The casket seems to work best on the most mobile characters you can get- which means a captain on a pegasus. Otherwise it might not see a whole lot of use. Also, putting your warrior priests on barded warhorses is a good way to protect them if you have the points to spare and you don't plan on having them fly around with shadow magic or making them huge with bear's anger. (Personally, I'd drop the AoMI for the warhorse and a sword of power if you can spare the points).

    I use knights exclusively as fast flank support. This means I take them in units no larger than 6 with no command, and I don't take inner circle (I need more cannons!). Of course, I'm used to knights being total and utter failures in combat, even on the charge, so that's why I mistrust them. Hopefully you'll have better luck. Just keep in mind that they can make a decent hammer, but you NEED to have an anvil with them to make them pay for themselves- unsupported knights are only good at taking out warmachines and small missile units. Helborg in a unit of knights will be better with more knights, and the whole unit is a thousand times better when theyre flank support for a parent unit and not by themselves. Just keep that in mind and you'll do fine, I'm sure.

    Really though, I don't have any beefs with this list. It seems fairly flexible and you have a fair amount of tricks up your sleeve with it. Other than that I'd say drop the casket for the Rod of Power and mix up your detachments a bit.

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