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Thread: 2k Empire Army

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    2k Empire Army

    This is my army list for a 2k Empire Army

    Lords - none taken. Is this a good idea, especially for a 2k army?


    Luthor Huss

    Captain - Sword of Justice, Add. Hand Wpn. & Pistol, FP Armour, Icon of Magnus,

    Battle Wizard - Wizards Staff, Aldred's Casket of Sorcery, Lore of Fire

    Battle Wizard - Ring of Volans, Van Horstmann's Speculum, Lore of Life

    Core Units

    2 units - 20 Halberdiers w/ Full Command

    2 detach. - 10 handgunners

    1 detach. - 10 swordsman

    1 detach. - 10 crossbowmen

    Special Units

    2 Great Cannons

    1 Mortar

    1 unit - 6 Inner Circle Knights w/Preceptor

    Rare Units

    1 unit - Flagellants w/Prophet

    1 Hellblaster Volley Gun


    Total Points 1947

    Any suggestions on improving this 2k list would be greatly appreciated!

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    Personally i prefer swordsmen blocks with halberdier detachements, not halberdiers with swordsmen detachements, the swordsmen are more resilient and don't suffer from strike last. The swordsmen also have a better WS, making them a much better unit to take the charge or receive it. Halberdiers are also juicy in enemies flanks.

    Apart from that, nice list. The no lords is no real biggie, the captain doesn't really need the pistol and the crosbowmen work better outside of the detachement slot, that way you can position them apart from their parent.

    Also the wizard and the speculum would mean he would have to go into combat, something you might not want, why not remove that and the casket and make 1 wizard a lord? Lvl 3 magic is nothing to sneaze at and the lvl4 upgrade isn't expensive either.
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