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    2000pts Work In Progress

    Okay, here's what I have so far.

    General Of The Empire, Full Plate Armour, Barded Warhorse, Sword Of Righteous Steel - 146
    Captain (BSB), Armour Of Meteoric Armour - 100
    Warrior Priest, Great Weapon, Heavy Armour - 98

    Spearmen (x19) Full Command - 115
    - Crossbowmen (x10) (Detachment) - 80
    Swordsmen (x19) Full Command - 139
    - Halberdiers (x10) (Detachment) - 50
    Handgunners (x10) - 80
    Huntsmen (x10) - 100
    Knights (x9) Full Command, Steel Standard - 267

    Outriders (x5) Champion, Hochland Rifle - 126
    Great Cannon - 100
    Mortar - 75

    Hellblaster Volley Gun - 110
    Steam Tank - 300

    The Warrior Priest and the BSB go in a State Troops unit each and the General goes with the Knights.

    That leaves me with around 100pts to play with. So I have the following questions:
    • Do I need a Wizard?
    • Or another unit of Crossbowmen/Handgunners?
    • Would I be better off with different magic items?
    • Is the General & Knights unit too much of a points sink?
    I played Empire a bit years ago, but that was several generations of the game ago, so still a bit unsure about what's effective.

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    Nah I personally dont see anything wrong with your list. I myself for my 2000pt list have only one large block of infantry, and I have a large block of greatswords added to boost the melee front with something strong. Thats the only thing I have to say.
    "To Triumph without Risk, is to Conquer without Glory!"

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