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    2,000 Magic Empire

    Just playing around with the Empire list. Maybe because I've been reading up on Renaissance and neighboring time periods, and it's got me interested in Empire again.


    Lords & Heroes

    Wizard Lord
    Level 4 Upgrade, Holy Relic, Grey Wand, Imperial Pegasus

    Battle Wizard
    Level 2 Upgrade, Power Stones (2)

    Warrior Priest (Army General)
    Great Weapon, Ring of Volans, Armour of Meteoric Iron

    Warrior Priest
    Heavy Armor, Biting Blade, Doomfire Ring, Enchanted Shield


    29 Spearmen
    (Warrior Priest), Full Command, Shields, Detachment of 6 Handgunners, Detachment of 12 Halberdiers

    29 Spearmen
    (Warrior Priest), Full Command, Shields, Detachment of 6 Handgunners, Detachment of 12 Halberdiers

    6 Knights
    Full Command, Warbanner


    6 Pistoliers

    Great Cannon

    Great Cannon


    Helblaster Volley Gun

    Total - 2,000

    Power Dice - 8 + 2 Stones + 4 Bound Spells + Grey Wand
    Dispel Dice - 7

    Let's see, I was thinking Lore of Heaven for the Wizard Lord and am not too sure about the Battle Wizard - Lore of Fire/Metal are always good, but Lore of Death is also appealing.

    Strategy should be fairly straight forward, I suspect. The wizard lord uses his speed, primarily to stay out of trouble, as lore of heaven spells either affect friendly units or do not have range limitations. The Battle Wizard gets placed either with a cannon crew or one of the handgunner units, depending on the situation.

    Two big blocks of spears lead by priests form the bulk of the army, backed up by Halberdiers for counter charges, ideally to the flanks, and Handgunners for standing and shooting.

    Pistoliers for all the things fast-cavalry do - bait/flee, war-machine/mage hunting, flanking, march-blocking, etc.

    Great cannons are obvious.

    Knights and Helblaster Volley Gun will essentially serve the same purpose - to prevent my infantry from being swarmed. I essentially only have two blocks of infantry, with their supporting detachment, it seems like an MSU army or even an army with a median number of close-combat units (4 or so) would be able to easily surround my infantry. The Knights are there to preemptively charge enemy units before that can happen and the volley gun is there to scare my opponent out of entering a zone.

    What do you think?

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    In your list i would change the 2nd warrior priest uselles.... with a 2nd wizard and give him rod of power MAGIC ARMY without rod? you choose dispell dices or power...depends on opponent...

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