I know the witch hunter list is a bit played out but I don't know many people who go full (on models yes) cult of ulric with the list. Well I did a pretty themey list a year ago and had a 6-1-1 tourny record. Here is my new list I think, I might not have enough shooting so I'm probably going to drop a unit of pistoliers for a cannon.

Arch Lector
Sword of Striking
Armour of Meteoric Iron
Van Horstman's Speculum
Doomfire Ring
Standard owner of all evils

Warrior Priest
Full Armour kit
Sword of Battle

Warrior Priest
Full Armour kit
Sword of Might
Decent and versatile magic support. Also long charge ranges with magic weapons is fairly sweet. Also make knights hit harder, again versatile as can be.

Battle Standard Bearer
Full Armour Kit
Biting Blade
Icon of Magnus
Sigil of Sigmar
Imo, the icon is necessary too good not to take. Another versatile character and generally my MVP swinging combats in my favor enough to punch through my enemy. Also helps keep line together

X3 20 Free Company
108 points for the big 5, Yes please! Cheap combat res who I barely lose anything if they peace out. Also they can take out wizards decently

7 Flaggellants
I have more of these

X2 5 Knights

6 Knights
Gangstas. So versatile, can beat almost every single enemy unit and if I can't I just avoid them. Them+ priests= wicked. The banners are for the conversions of bright wizards being crucified.

15 Greatswords
2 5 man archer detachments
Unfortunately, in the current environment there are too many things that own this and I am in no mood to take a unit of over 200 points with just T3 non itp soldiers. But against any infantry based army (other than demons) I can load the BSB and priests into this unit, bring the lector by their side march straight at them and say "what's up, gg" Although they are state troops they will be witch hunter models (the ones with great weapons those models are so friggin nice). Also 5 man archers are the best unit in the book if you're good with them.

X3 5 Pistoliers
Amazing, enough said. I might take a cannon instead of one unit even though I dislike the idea of giving my opponent points after tactically defending it.

X2 7 Flaggelants
Prophet of DOOM!!!!
These are awesome, I used to run 3 units of 10. Sometimes they take my opponent's important things completely out of the game, sometimes 1 unit is enough and they're job is just to not die (they do that well).

132 models
2 power Dice + 6 Bounds
6 Dispell Dice