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    new player 2250Points

    Hey everyone i just got into playing empire. I played fantasy before so im familiar with all the rules.

    Here is my list. I mostly play with a friend who has a warriors of chaos army with a lvl 4 wizard on a dragon and 2 saggoths. Also i dont want my list to be cheesy or based on his army i want it to be an all comers list and a little competitive too so i appreciate any coments and help THANK YOU.

    Here it is:


    Arch Lector- 301
    war alter
    Armor of meteoric iron
    1 despell scroll
    ring of volans
    warhammer(great weapon)

    Worrior Priest- 146 (goes with Knights)
    Barded warhorse
    sword of battle
    1 despell scroll

    Worrior Priest- 128 (goes with Greatswords)
    heavy armor
    warhammer(great weapon)
    doom fire ring

    Empire Captain BSB-140 (goes with swordsmen)
    Griffon standard
    full plate armor


    25 swordsmen-175
    Full comand
    Detachment #1 10 helberdiers-50
    Detachment#2 10 helberdiers-50

    14 Handgunners- 132
    Champion with repeater handgun

    23 Flagellants - 240

    Special Units

    6 pistoliers-115

    20 Greatswords- 230
    Full command

    9 knights of the inner circle-274 << have not decided what type of knights
    Full command
    Banner of Daemonslayer

    Great cannon-1xx pts


    Hell storm rocket battery-1xx pts

    Despell dice: 6 + 2 despell scrolls
    and 7 bound spells a turn

    Total: 2248

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    Your lists looks like a solid one. There are however a few impossibilities and a few improvements possible, IMHO.

    First of all your warrior (with an a) priest and arch lector may not carry dispel scrolls.
    So this should be changed. If you still want dispel scrolls you will have to take a scroll caddy wizard.

    Secondly I would make sure your greatswords have a detachment as well. Maybe one of the halberdiers detachment from your swordsmen. By decreasing your hangunnners to 10 and flagellants to 20 (or 15) you could also save some points to give the greatswords and or the swordsmen a second (shooting) detachment.

    Thirdly I would give the pistoliers a musician and the outrider a repeater pistol.

    And finally the characters. Give yout BSB a barded warhorse, this will have no disadvantages, but will give him an additional +2 armour save. Keeping him alive. Also i think the AoMI is somewhat of a waste on an archlector on war alter. The alter gives you a +2 armour save. So combined with a shield and heavy armour this is already a 2+. Giving the archlector a Van Horstmann Speculum and a Shield of the Gorgon seems to be regular combo. I've never used it, but theoretically it is indeed very nice. The warrior priest in my greatswords usually has a greathammer, the AoMI and the Icon of Magnus. I hate it when a stubborn unit runs because of outnumbering and fear.

    Good Luck

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