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    1000 Point Themed Middenheim-Backwaters Army.

    Heya peeps!

    I recently dug up some empire models, the entire Middenheim army box-set to be precise (dont you LOVE raffles? free armies for the win!)

    Now, for a start i like my armies to have a strong theme and a story behind them, battlefield effectiveness is secondary to theme and fun in making the army. (as my Night Goblin army ilustrates hehe).

    Ok here is the theme and fluff of the army!.

    The village of Grimbergan is a large village of some 800 souls and is situated three days ride south-west of Middenheim in the heart of the Drakwald forest. A prosperous place, Grimbergan boasts a small Temple of Ulric, a market every three weeks and Two Inns!

    A mile or so above the Village on a Crag sits Frostmantle Hall, the ancestral home of Albrecht Frostmantle, a minor noble and lord and master of the village. In the aftermath of the Storm of Chaos, numerous bands of beastmen and other foul things have been seen close to the village, always one for a hunt Albrecht summons his household guard and the local milita and heads out on the hunt, accompanied by templars from the local temple and Alf Wildeye the Amber Wizard who lives as a hermit in the caves beneath Frostmantle.

    Ok thats the fluff, this army is from a comparitivly poor, rural background so spears, bows and free company are the name of the game. The odd blackpowder unit is ok but certainly no exotic units like stanks.

    This being Middenheim, only White Wolf Templars will be used, so no lances.
    State Regiments will be armed with spears or halbards, no swords, no skilled blade would be seen dead ina backwater village when the tavers, gambling dens and brothels of Middenheim are three days ride away.

    Ok so here is the list.

    1000 Point Empire Army

    Graf Albrecht von Frostmantle - Captain on barded warhorse with great weapon and full plate. - 76

    Alf Wildeye the Unhinged - Battle Wizard level 2 with 1 dispel scroll. Lore of Beasts - 125

    Old Bear, Head of the Local temple of Ulric - Warrioir priest with armour of meteoric iron and great weapon - 119

    The Grafs Household Guard - 19 Spearmen with full command and light armour - 134

    Assorted village miltia:
    10 Free Company - 50
    10 Free Company - 50
    10 Archers - 80

    The Temples Muster:
    5 Inner Circle Knights of the White Wolf, Full command - 170
    11 Teutogen Guard (Greatswords) - 110

    Betty - Morter - 75

    Total - 989

    Ok so the battle plan is simple, Captain goes in the Knights and runs things over, Priest goes with the Teutogen Guard and combined with the spears and other small units, tries to get lots of combined charges.

    I Have a good number of small units, I have three units i can bait with and use as shields and solid magic defense.

    Any ideas on what to do with the spare points? or what i could change, bea in mind i am trying to keep a theme.

    Can i have dogs of war units? I fancy having a lone maneater in there maybe, to represent Grum the old retired Ogre Merc who works at the Lumber Mill, doing heavy lifting :-)

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    Sounds like a wonderful project. Good fluff. The themed list has a lot of bodies as well as some quality troops.

    It's a bit lacking in the ranged department. Considering Albrecht's house guard, I'd reckon he could shell out for a few crossbows.

    Though points can quickly disappear into a great void called magic items, it might not hurt to throw in an arcane or enchanted item to bolster the magic phase.

    Otherwise, I like it, and it seems relatively effective.
    "...and thee shall know the Emperor's might when thy enemies fall before thy guns. No crude Orkish blade can pierce thy anointed armor, nor any twisted alien resist the sting of thy sword." ~Major Kaelen Rhodes

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