Arch Lector on War Alter kitted for Challenges 331 points

Wizard lvl 2 Ring of Volans and Rod of Power (lore tbd)

25 swordsmen FC
7 halberdier detatchment
8 handgunners detatchment

10 handgunners marksmen repeater handgun

10 knights

5 pistoliers musician outrider repeater pistol

steam tank

Playing the relief force in a castle siege. My ally is wood elves in the castle with 1500 points. The enemy is Warriors of Chaos and Dark Elves. Even though the wood elves and i have fewer than 2000 points we're being allowed a lord choice. While I can see merits for many of the lords my 1st thought was the magic defense, bound spells and decent hitting power the arch lector offered. I've also never used a steam tank yet and though what the heck, may as well roll it in to see if i like it and would want to get one and model it. Any and all comments are welcome. Thanks in advance.