Hello there, i'm playing a friendly 2vs2 with a lizardmen player against Vampire counts and goblins.

They'll prolly go magic heavy so here is my first draft.
Any advice on what might be wrong or what you would not do and how to spend the remaining points would be welcome ;)
The teutogen's are obvisouly Longswords countas, it's a middenheim army !
I was thinking of removing the mortar for another canon as i have the hellstorm which already have a big template.
I'm thinking too i might have too many points in characters.

Arch Lector (325) Sword of Sigismund, Armour of Meteoric Iron, Van Horstmann's Speculum, War Altar

Warrior Priest (142) Dawn Armour, Shield, Sigil of Sigmar
Captain (138) Full Plate Armour, Battle Standard Bearer, Griffon Standard
Battle Wizard (140) Lvl2, Rod of Power, Power Stone

24 Swordsmen (169) FC
+ 9 Halberdiers (***)
10 Handgunners (105) Marksman w Hochland Long Rifle
10 Handgunners (105) Marksman w Hochland Long Rifle
5 Knightly Orders (139) CM

19 Teutogen Guards (220) FC
+ 9 Halberdiers (***)
5 Pistoliers (97) M
Mortar (***)
Cannon (***)

Hellstorm Rocket battery (***)