I won't know what sort of partner I'll have until the day of the event, so I'm building blind.

I'm leaning very heavilly towards two regiments of 25 swordsmen, each with a detachment of 8-9 halberdiers, and each led by a priest with ~50 points of fighty gear. Oh, and 275 points of artillery. I guess that means that I'll have to rely on my partner for cavalry and offensive magic, but I figure that some solid line troops will be useful in any matchup, and you can't go wrong with empire artillery. The only thing I regret not cramming in is some pistoliers, but those are generally for warmachine hunting (I have counterbattery fires for that) and redirecting charges (I'm confident that my priest-led infantry can take a charge in a lord-free environment). Thoughts? Proposed tactics? Proposed changes?