1500 pts vs. Lizardmen - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 pts vs. Lizardmen

    Hey fellow Imperials.

    Working on a 1500 pt list to face off against my lizardman fielding buddy. We played last weekend in my introductory match to Warhammer. I got creamed. He didn't really pull any punches, but it gave me a decent grasp of what I need to fix against him. He likes to field the skink priests with an Engine on the field, and his combat units were two blocks of Saurus, and a kroxigor/skink unit. I had a lot of trouble fighting his strong battleline as most of my army was in one really big state troop unit (I had an awkward number of state troops and didn't want to field 2 weaker units with no detachments) and I didn't have much to affect a large number of his troops.

    A small note, most of what is listed is most of what I own, I have a few more options, (field another greatcannon, a few more units of handguns, swap Handguns for Outriders or Pistoliers etc...) but this is mostly it.


    Luthor Huss-180 pts. (General)

    Battle Wizard-150 pts.
    -Lvl 2
    -Rod of Power
    -Power Stone

    Battle Wizard-150 pts.
    -Lvl 2
    -Dispel Scroll
    -Sigil of Sigmar


    25x Swordsmen-269 pts
    -Full Command
    -Detachment 5x Handgunners
    -Detachment 10x Swordsmen

    25x Swordsmen-255 pts.
    -Full Command
    -Detachment 5x Handgunners
    -Detachment 5x Handgunners

    14x Handgunners- 117 pts.


    Great Cannon-100 pts.

    Mortar-75 pts.

    5x Knights of the Inner Circle-200 pts.
    -Full Command
    -Standard of Arcane Warding

    The basic strategy is simply to let him come to me and try to shave as many models off of his infantry blocks as possible using the mortar/handgunners/spells. The KotIC are joined by Luthor Huss to make a pretty decent hammer unit, (which is why I gave them the full command and the standard to hold off his priests missiles). The one thing I did really well in my inaugural game was my cannoneering. I hit his Stegodon every time I shot at it, it just took me 3 turns to kill it. (1st turn, 3 wounds, 1 on the 2nd, and failed to wound on the 3rd... ) so I'm pretty confident in my ability to use my artillery to its full extant.

    So, advice? A few ideas I have are to downgrade the knights, and swap the handguns for outriders. Suggestions on good lores of magic to use against the Lizzies would be helpful. Any other hints or tips are welcome.

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