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    8th edition 2000 point

    hi i got a 1300 point army at the moment not sure what eles i should use in it. i'm a very new begginer need constructive critisicm and help need 700 more points friendly game but not sure thanks by the way i can get most units easily

    1 kurt helbourg
    full plate armour
    laurels of victory
    rune fang
    barded mount

    1 captain of the empire
    sword of power
    full plate armour
    barded mount
    crimson amulet

    1 captain standard bearer
    hand wep
    full plate armour
    magic banner:imperial banner

    captain ride with these guys
    20 swordsment full command
    with 8 crossbow men detach

    20 spearmen full command
    with 8 handgunner detach

    8 knights inner circle full command
    banner of daemon slayer

    5 outriders full command
    champ 1 blunder blunderbuss

    1 mortar

    2 wizzard level 2 fire lore greywand and powerstone

    alright so i just so u know i have a wizard lord and karl franz as spare units really need help on what to get with last 700 points so umm yeah and a good stradgey would be nice to go with your plan all help aprreicated

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    To be honest with you i do not have a lot of knowledge of empire, though i play a lot against them. I can give you some units that might be worthwhile to look at in a 2000 pts army.First thing i noticed is that you have no sigmarite priests at all. I find them really though to play against. then there is the mighty steam tank of the empire. It sure is a hard basterd to kill . A Empire unit of Great Swords should chop through more havy armoured units.

    Again, i do not have a huge knowledge about Empire but these are unit you can give a look.

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