Tell me what do you think? What are my lists strengths and weaknesses? What enemies will I crush & what ones will I have trouble dealing with? What tatics would work well with my army list?


140pts General- Full Plate Armour, Shield, Holy Relic

180pts Grand Master- Dawn Armour


100pts Captain- Battle Standard Bearer, Armour of Meteoric Iron

130pts Lv 2 Wizard- Rod of Power

125pts Lv 2 Wizard- Dispel Scroll


280pts 10 Knightly Orders - Full Command, Banner of the Eternal Flame

170pts 30 Spearmen - Full Command

90pts 15 Swordsmen (Detachment)

80pts 10 Crossbowmen (Detachment)

170pts 30 Spearmen - Full Command

80pts 10 Crossbowmen (Detachment)

80pts 10 Crossbowmen (Detachment)


100pts Great Cannon

150pts 2 Mortars


115pts Rocket Battery


I have 10 points left over to change one of the crossbowmen detachments to another 15 man swordsmen detachment if I decide I need more close combat & less shooting.