Grand Adventures in murfreesboro tn is throwin a release party tomorrow with a 500pt tournament, and a 500pt free for all battle that should be fun, itll be my first time playing with 8th edition rules. the only army comp rules is that you dont need to include any heros. Heres my army, with a little background story I came up with.......

76pts Captain - Shrieking Blade, Pistol, Full Plate Armour, Shield

218pts 8 Knights - Standard Bearer, Musician, Banner of the Eternal Flame

109pts 13 Crossbowmen - Musician

97pts 5 Pistoliers - Musician

"This army represents a small group of knights from Tilea. They are led by Captain Giorgio Viola, a brilliant strategist and devout follower of the warrior goddess Myrmidia. Although these brave templars are lacking the wealth of the merchant princes of Tilea, they maintain a small group of condotteri that accept the lower wages to serve the virtuous templars. The knights also built a small temple to their goddess, where they persue martial and spiritual matters, and study the art of war. It is said that they house a piece of the sun in their temple, a gift from Myrmidia herself for their faith."

The reason I gave my knights the fire banner is because flaming attacks now cause fear to calvary, war beasts, and chariots, and also to cancel regen saves. I run them with great weapons. The captain is a nasty suprise to any unit that tries to charge my crossbowmen, because if they fail their fear test what they probably thought was an easy victory is turned upside down as they will need 5+ to hit my crossbowmen. Pistoliers are my throwaway unit, used to disrupt and harass my enemies plans with armour piercing shots. They can flee, allowing my crossbowmen to open fire if I play it right....