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    Tale of many gammers beginings.

    Local GW is running a 500pt per month 'tale of many gammers' comp.
    Idea is that you buy, build, paint and play at least one game with your army each month, building in 500pt blocks. With the 8th ed rules this limits non-core choices to 125pts to start with so limited in choice of general. Also I didn't want to go down the massed state troops route so how does the following look for first 500?

    General: Mounted, armoured & shielded warrior priest.
    5 Reiksguard knights
    5 Knights panther
    10 Handgunners

    intending to add more knights to each unit incl command, 2more mortar & marksman with longrifle next 500. Other armies on the list at the moment are: Dwarves x2, Empire x2 and Goblins x1 (runoured to be magic & troop heavy with No orks so I doubt he'll manage to get this painted but summer hols are comming soon).

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    Tale of many gamers is great, my local store is doin it a bit differently though. Were starting with a Batallion box and general, getting it painted and playing a scenarion game from the new rule book. We get points for diffent things every week, such as, Fully painted batallion, Playing in the weekly game, Best painted, Best played and so on. Every 2 weeks were adding 400 pts to the list. Mine atm is as follows:
    Wizard lvl 2
    20 Spearmen + command
    10 Handgunners
    8 Rieksguard Knights + command
    10 Greatswords + command

    for the next 400pts im adding a steam tank and 10 more Greatswords.

    Your list sounds fair, sit back and shoot then charge when they get near.

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