Hi, Im new to Warhammer Fantasy although I have played 40K for some years.
With the new rules me and my friends have decided to begin playing the fantasy version. I decided to play empire mainly because I like the figures and the diversity in the army. Our first game will be a trial and error run to learn the rules better so this is the 1000 points army I will play with, I will be glad for any suggestions about how to play. What I have problem deciding is what kind of mage I will be playing, I am thinking fire against DE because of their monster. Any thoughts?

-full plate, shield
- Warhorse + barding
-Ruby ring of Ruin

Battle Wizard
-Lvl 2
-Dispell Scroll

Master Engineer
-Pigeon bombs

30 Spearmen
-Full Comand
15 Halberdiers
15 Free Company

10 Handgunners
-Marksman+ HLR

10 Handgunners
-Marksman+ HLR

2 Mortar

Will accept any comments thankfully....