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    2000 point Empire Vs Lizardmen Friendly

    Ok, I don't have my 8th edition book yet but my buddy is bringing his to play a round this weekend. So i'm working on a list based on what he's told me and from reading online. Hopefully my book will come in and i'll have a chance to read up before we play but it's all in good fun so if I totally screw the pouch it's not a big deal.

    List is done without the new magic items so it's a lil short on points so i can add them in. Just trying to get an idea if you all think i'm headed in the right direction.

    Grand Master

    Wizard Lord

    Captain BSB
    griffon standard??

    Engi w/ long rifle x2

    Mounted Warrior Priest(maybe mounted engi?? never used one so i thought for fun i might)

    40 spears (10x4)
    full command
    20 Halberds
    20 handguns

    10 Knights

    10 knights

    Cannon x2


    The idea is to get a hill in my center deployment for the warmachines and engix2. If i'm not mistaken that should allow the engi to deploy between the three guns to be used for re-rolls as needed on all three or fire the long rifles if not. The block of spears in front of the hill with dets on each flank. Then a unit of knights on each flank. Grand Master with one block and Priest/ engi in the other. BSB in with the spears. Wizard prolly on his lonesome.

    Ok, worked the points again just from memory and I think i'm at about 2k now so i'll need to drop a lil to make room for items/upgrades. Thinkin maybe knockin the knights to 9 each or dropping one block of knight for a unit of huntsmen. Kinda wanna keep the engis for re-rolls since the warmachines are gunna be the big killies... I hope. lol

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