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    2000pts all-comers 8th

    Hey all, this is my first attempt at an Empire army (long time WHFB player, first time Empire player). Comments and critique are welcome and encouraged.


    Empire General
    - Sword of Justice, Dawn Armour, Shield, Barded Warhorse, The White Cloak


    Empire Captain BSB
    - Dual Hand Weapons, Plate Armour, Griffon Standard

    Warrior Priest
    - Great Weapon, Armour of Metoric Iron, Luckstone (BRB version), Sigil of Sigmar

    L2 Battle Wizard (Lore of Light)
    - Rod of Power


    40 Spearmen
    - Full Command, Banner of Duty

    Det1: 20 Swordsmen, Sergeant
    Det2: 20 Halberdiers, Sergeant

    10 Handgunners
    - Marksman w/ Hochland Long Rifle

    10 Handgunners
    -Marksman w/ Hochland Long Rifle

    5 Knights
    - Lances, Perceptor, Standard Bearer


    20 Greatswords
    - Full Command

    5 Outriders
    - Outrider Chamption w/ Hochland Long Rifle

    Great Cannon

    Great Cannon

    I've been toying with dropping some spearmen and giving the knights great weapons, as well as changing out the Warrior Priest for another L2 Wizard with a different lore (possibly Death or Heavens) and a dispel scroll and empire luckstone.

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    I'd keep the lances on the knights. As for switching characters, the second wizard would be useful, but it would also mean you couldn't take advantage of the Warrior Priests Hatred for the Spearmen.
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