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    1500pts tournament

    Arch Lector - 210pts
    -sword of antiheros
    -potion of speed
    -armour of meteoric iron
    -dawn stone

    Battle Wizard (LIFE) 125pts
    -dispel croll

    Capitan 98pts
    -sword of might

    30x swordsmen 286pts
    15x free company

    30x swordsmen 286pts
    15x free company

    2x cannon
    2x hellblaster
    1x mortar

    All comments welcome

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    Characters looks solid, but despite thier cheapness as empire i think with a lord in 1500pts that maybe 3 is too many. I would either tone it down to 3 hero level characters or a Lord and a Hero (dropping the Wizard in this case or dropping the Wizard and changing the Arch Lector for a Wizard Lord).

    This is the reason for the sugestion above, although you have 2 solid blocks with substantial detachments, its not going to take alot to make a unit run off against certain armies, or if you loose one, your going to be very limited in being able to catch table quarters etc. Maybe a third block unit or even a throw away unit of knights to act as fodder and missile magnet, and should they make it through then you can charge them into apposing war machines etc, tieing them up for a turn or two.

    I think maybe some points could be saved in the war machines aswell. 2 cannons work well, but i would drop one of the hellblasters and a mortar, instead taking either a unit of crossbows/handgunners or even a rocket battery.

    Just some things i would change or look at.

    Hope this helps.

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