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    Napoleonic Empire Army - It doesn't get more shooty than this! (Around 2,000-2,250pt)

    Hey guys

    This is an army list I've created using Perry Miniatures, as they are extremely cheap compared to Games Workshop's outrageous prices (Using Napoleonic 28mm figures by the way)

    Of course, a Napoleonic army needs a heap of gunpowder, and so I've created this list to blast anyone daring to charge into oblivion!


    General of the Empire
    Upgrades: Warhorse, Heavy armour
    Total: 95 points.
    Simple, mainstream General with basic upgrades. Mainly for his manoeuvrability and Leadership of 9 which should help out my foot-sloggers


    Battle Wizard Level 2
    Upgrades: Warhorse, Level 2
    Total: 110 points
    Debating whether he should be mounted or on foot - anyway, just some magic support

    Battle wizard Level 2
    Upgrades: Level 2
    Foot-slogger version of the above


    2x5 Pistoliers (Line Dragoons)
    Upgrades: Musician
    Total: 187 points
    Represented by Napoleonic Dragoons, which comes with 14 Cavalry and 8 Dismounted for only 15 pounds!

    18 Old Guard (Greatswords)
    Upgrades: Sergeant, Standard bearer, musician
    Total: 210 points
    My reserve unit, and my elite unit of "Old Guard"

    Great Cannon
    Great Cannon
    Mortar (Howitzer)
    Mortar (Howitzer)

    I think four pieces of line cannon and mortar will be very effective against..well, anything (I hope!)

    19 Hand gunners (Line Infantry):
    Upgrades: Musician, Standard Bearer, Sergeant
    Total: 175 points
    Multiplied by FOUR: Total points: 700 points. (Total 76 men)
    That's right - 76 hand gunners! You can buy packs of 42 for only 15 pounds!

    12 Huntsmen/Marksmen w/skirmishing rules (Chasseurs)
    Total: 120 points

    14 Knightly Order (Cuirassiers)
    Upgrades: Musician, Sergeant/Preceptor, Standard Bearer
    Total: 362 points

    56 points left over for more spending - any recommendations?
    Thanks - Chunter

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    I'd recommend shifting some points around. Put the handgunners into units of 10, and take away enough of them to pay for the following:

    1. Buy an engineer to watch over the artillery. He'll really help out with various sorts of mishaps.

    2. Change the general to either an Arch Lector (no reason not to use the model you already have). It sounds like he's there for leadership, not combat effectiveness. The Arch Lector is less fighty, but he's also LD9, and he adds two dispel dice to your pool, to boot (on top of having the ability to buff units with prayers). Alteratively, upgrade him to a templar grand master...but only do that if you're going to have him join the Cuirassiers.

    3. You don't need 14 Cuirassiers, 12 is plenty.

    4. 18 Old guard isn't enough. Shoot for 28 (7x4). Bare minimum of 21 (7x3). But you really want the full 28, since they're your only melee infantry.

    5. Split the dragoons into two units of 5, and give both of them musicians.

    All of this will probably drop you down to 60 riflemen...but make the army more effective.
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    I love the theme! I'm planning on doing one based on the revolutionary war. Just started converting but I may look into perry brothers if they have that era.

    As far as the list goes, the great swords do have to be bigger with the new rules, otherwise they won't last long. I personally went with one lvl 4 wizard over a level 2, yes its more risky due to a loss due to miscast but the +4 to cast/dispel seems worth it to me. After seeing your list I decided to post mine, I'd like to hear your views on it.

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