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    1600 pts. Empire Tourny List

    Hi fellow Empire-enthusiastics

    In a week's time I'm gonna enter this small 1600 pts. tournament, but im having trouble figuring out what to field - So I've done some lurking around on various forums and have come up with a decent answer, however I'd really really like your thoughts here.
    Thing is, 1600 points arent alot, and it is difficult to capture 'the essence' of empire potential in such a few amount of points.

    Empire - 1600 pts.

    Arch Lector, w/ Great Weapon, Holy Relic, Armour of Silvered Steel (221 pts.)

    BSB, w/ AoMI, Dawnstone (125 pts.)

    Warrior Priest, w/ Additional warhammer, Armour of Destiny (139 pts.)


    30 x Swordsmen, full command (205 pts.)

    30 x Halberdiers, full command (170 pts.)

    10 x Crossbowmen (80 pts.)

    10x Handgunners (80 pts.)


    1 x Great Cannon (100 pts.)

    1 x Great Cannon (100 pts.)

    1 x Mortar (75 pts.)


    1 x Helstorm Rocket Battery (115 pts.)
    Total: 1410 pts.
    So what do you guys think about this setup so far? - and how should i spend my last 190 points? 6x Knights? a wizard? an engineer? some detachments? more shooters?

    - Tash

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    i think i would add in another unit of crossbowmen and then a unit of fast cav. other than that it looks good!
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    I'd definitely take an engineer...he can babysit either the cannons or the mortar and the rocket, depending on the enemy. Don't give him any wargear, he's only there to provide rerolls. With the rest of the points, I'd recommend one of three courses of action:

    A: Give one regiment a 12 man halberdier detachment, the other one a 13 man halberdier detachment. (max melee)

    B: Make both regiments 25 men strong, both as swordsmen, and give them both 13 man halberdier detachments. This gives you 50 points left over...which allows you to make both shooty regiments handgunners, both with an HLR. (balanced)

    B: Add an HLR to the handgunners regiment, and add another regiment of crossbowmen. (max shooting)

    None of these make radical changes to your list, and all of them add the engineer to improve the accuracy and survivability of the artillery pieces you deem most critical in a given game. Personally, I'd choose option B, the most balanced in terms of how the extra points are spent to improve all aspects of the army.
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