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    First Empire list; 1500

    I tried my hand at making my first Empire list the other day. I obviously don't expect it to be perfect, but I like it.

    -Lords & Heroes:

    Arch Lector
    Great Weapon
    Van Horstmann’s Speculum
    161 points

    Wizard Lord (Lore of Life)
    Holy Relic
    Rod of Power
    Dispell Scroll
    275 points

    BSB, Armour of Meteoric Iron
    100 points

    -Core Units:

    30 Halberdiers
    Full Command
    170 points

    +15 Swordsmen Detachment
    90 points

    30 Halberdiers
    Full Command
    170 points

    +10 Crossbowmen Detachment
    80 points

    20 Handgunners
    Marksman w/ Hochland long rifle
    190 points

    -Special Units:

    75 points

    75 points

    -Rare Units:

    Helblaster Volley Gun
    110 points

    Total: 1496 points

    What do you think?

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    Its a good start but i would recomend a few things though it is entirely up to you.

    Make either one or both of your Halberdier regiments into swordsmen so that they can survive longer, halberdiers just dont take the charge as well and cant tie up other units as long.

    Give the swordsmen detachments of halberdiers as they will do more damage and are more likely to get the charge.

    Split the handgunners into two smaller units so that they are more manouverable and take up less room.

    Also if you come up against anything big a greatcannon will do wonders.

    Lastly the Arch Lector will need some armour or he will die quickly, heavy armour isnt that good especially when something like a Varghualf charges you.... from personal experience haha

    This is just my personal opinions from what works with me feel free to ingnore what does not suit you. Hope some of this helps

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