General Vincent von trapper, 2nd general under Roberto
General of the empire - full plate, shield, great weapon, griffon mount
Dragon bow
Silver horn

General Roberto Vladermiester, established tactician and hero to the people of Stirland.
General of the empire - full plate, shield, pistol.
(this guy is just to make the general on griffon not my army general).

Captain Abbigale Oakwood, recently promoted from sergeant to lead the halberdiers in battle.
Captain of the empire - BSB, full plate
enchanted shield
Item that gives 6+ward and immunity to characteristic tests (forget the name)

Daffyth Vladermiester, brother and spiritual advisor to Roberto
Warrior Priest - Great weapon
armour of meteoric iron

Horich, shapeshifter in the employment of the army
Battle Wizard (lore of beasts
Level 2 upgrade
Rod of power

Almarno trise, engineer from Nuln, currently travelling with the army bringing his newest invention along with him.
Master engineer

30 halberdiers with full command
banner of armour piercing
detatchment of 5 archers
detatchment of 15 swordsmen

10 huntsmen with cmd

10 crossbowmen with cmd

6 Knights of the sacred scythe with full cmd.


28 Greatswords with full cmd.
banner of striding
detatchment of 10 archers
detatchment of 14 swordsmen

5 Pistoliers with cmd
champion has repeater pistol

Hellblaster volley gun.

2.5k total.