So i have some previous experience with Warhammer, however this is my first try at a Empire list.
The army will be themed around an powerful wizard and his elite bodyguard. (Great swords, Knightly order and Helblaster). Furthermore the Wizard lord has hired mercenary highwaymen (Huntsmen/archers and swordmen converted from militia), led by a charismatic captain.
The fluff is still under development, but i just wanted to give a brief summary.

Anyway, here goes:

Wizard lord General
lvl 4
Holy Relic
Grey Wand

Captain BSB (mercenary)
Full plate amour
Dragon helm
Sword of might

Full plate armour
Barded warhorse

Warrior Priest
Armour of Meteoric Iron
Great weapon

10x Huntsmen

10x Huntsmen/archers

19x Swordmen
Full command
(BSB goes in here)

7x Knightly order
Full command
(Mounted captain in here)

19x Greatswords
Full command
(warrior priest in here)

Helblaster Volleygun

Advice and critique will be greatly appreciated.