So I'm playing in this tournement in a month and i have trouble coming up with a decent list.

The comp is:

1800 pts.
max lvl wizard is lvl 2
No multiple rare choices.

So i'm thinking of an army looking like this:


General of the Empire
Sword of sigismund
Full plate armour
Dragonhelmet (the one who gives 2+ ward against flaming)

Arch Lector
Armour of meteoric Iron
Van horstmans speculum


Captain of the Empire BSB
Griffon Standard
Full Plate Armour

Battle Wizard lvl 2 Lore of Life
Dispel Scroll

Battle Wizard lvl 2 Lore of Shadow
Aldreds Casket of Sorcery


40 Swordmen w/ full command, banner of eternal Flame
2x15 Halberd Detachement

10 Handgunners


Great Cannon

20 Greatswords w/full command


Hellblaster Volley Gun.

This gives me a few leftover points. I've tried it a few times and get mixed results from it. I really need help in choosing what to add or remove to make it a stable Tournement list.